When you visit a new location, you get a chance to see and experience it closely. You can learn about the area’s history, culture, lifestyle, food choices, and much more. It is exciting to take a break from your usual routine to venture out and find out something unique. A much-deserved vacation is a perfect opportunity to do so, as you can have fun, check out a new area, participate in unique adventures, and return with lots of memories.

One such destination that is known for its rich history and celebrated as an iconic destination is Cocoa Beach. Situated on the Space Coast in sunny Florida, this quiet and relaxing beach city has so much to offer. Enjoy everything from surfing to fishing, boating, cruising, kayaking, swimming, and plenty of other activities. It is popular for its long coastline, pristine beaches, and beautiful landscape. Learn a little bit about Cocoa beach history below!

History of Cocoa Beach

The first settlers arrived in Cocoa Beach after the Civil War. Due to unfavorable weather and devastating hurricanes, the area was deserted in 1885. A group of Cocoa men bought the land in 1888. It remained untouched for a long time until an attorney named Gus Edwards developed the area once again. The city was established in 1925 and incorporated in 1957. Further development of the area started in 1960 when NASA’s John Kennedy Space Center was established around 15 miles away. As the Space Coast developed, it increased the settlement with employees and their families. Cocoa Beach was home to great technical minds who settled and raised their families in this quiet and charming beach town.

In 1939, the area had a population of 49 residents. It increased to 12,000 residents in 1970. The city buried a time capsule in Fisher Park in 1975 with plans to reopen it in 2076. The first motel in the area was Starlite motel built-in 1956 with 100 rooms. The first bank and store were started in 1957. The first Cocoa Beach elementary school was established in 1958. The famous and historic Cocoa Beach Pier was built in 1962 for $15,000. The history of Cocoa Beach starts from Civil War and ends in the Space age with excellent developments along the way.

Plan a Fun Trip for Discovery

If you are excited to explore Cocoa Beach history, you can visit many museums in the area. For example, you can visit the U.S Space Walk of Fame and Museum, Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science, Air Force Space and Missile Museum, and Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum. Discover and learn about this and much more on your next trip to Cocoa Beach.

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