Planning a vacation is one of the exciting activities that can take away all your stress. When it is time to explore a new destination and participate in unique activities, you can consider several factors and make the right choice. It is necessary to look at aspects such as traveling, local transportation, food choices, tourist attractions, and weather. Depending on the type of activities and purpose of your trip, you can choose the best season and time to visit a particular location. If you are looking forward to a relaxing vacation on the beach, you can check out multiple options in the sunny state of Florida. One such destination that is popular for its long coastline, beautiful beaches, and plenty of fun activities is Cocoa Beach on the Space Coast. Here, you can enjoy activities like surfing, swimming, boating, fishing, and much more. The beautiful city of Cocoa Beach has many choices for indoor and outdoor activities where you can spend quality time with family and friends.

Before heading out for a trip, you can find out everything about the location. It is good to know about any hidden spots and unique activities so you can have a great time. There are plenty of spots beyond the usual tourist attractions. You can find information about not-so-popular places on local blogs and travel websites. Below, we’ve listed some of the top Cocoa Beach facts you may not know.

Top Facts About Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach has something for everyone. It is particularly famous for surfing, as surfers head to these waves from far and wide. You can also take surfing lessons at many centers in the city. Due to this popularity, Cocoa Beach is considered the surf capital of the East Coast. Another popular activity is fishing. There are plenty of lakes and water bodies where you can catch different species of fish. You can also opt for a fishing charter tour for fishing under expert guidance. The most famous fish in the area is redfish. It is rightly called the redfish capital of the world.

The city belonged to freed slaves who settled in the area following Civil War. After the town was destroyed due to a hurricane, it was deserted for a long time till an attorney named Gus Edwards reestablished the area.

One of the top Cocoa Beach facts is that the area has a world-famous surfing shop called Ron Jon Surf Shop. It is the largest store in the world dedicated to surfing. Here, you can find everything from surfboards to clothing gear, accessories to swimsuits, and much more. The original shop was built in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Cocoa Beach is only 15 miles away from the Kennedy Space Center. The city of Cocoa Beach welcomed many space employees and their families, converting it into a happening city. After 1960 the population exploded with the establishment of schools, banks, restaurants, shops, and much more.

Enjoy Your Cocoa Beach Retreat

After reading these Cocoa Beach facts you probably have plenty of activities on the list and can expect a fun-filled vacation to Cocoa Beach. You can choose to stay right next to the ocean and enjoy incredible views from your window. At Stay in Cocoa Beach, we have many vacation rental condos available. You can choose a spacious and comfortable accommodation with multiple amenities. We welcome you to explore the different choices at our location. Contact us today to book your dream vacation.