Enjoying a trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida is often something travelers decide to do in the name of savoring the sand and sun in equal measure. But for all the appeal those shorelines hold, sometimes it’s what’s below the waves that prove to be most intriguing during a visit in this direction. When visitors aren’t making the most of land-based fun in Cocoa Beach during the day, they have a unique opportunity to experience bioluminescence in Cocoa Beach by night in this captivating locale!

What Is Bioluminescence?

According to the National Ocean Service, bioluminescence is both the production and emission of light by a living organism. Creatures that possess this type of illuminating ability are found throughout a variety of marine habitats that range from the seafloor to nearer to the surface of the water as well. The light itself is the result of energy being released during chemical reactions inside the marine creature. Bioluminescence is present in organisms ranging from ocean bacteria and jellyfish to certain types of sharks. Scientists believe that bioluminescence may be a way these creatures lure prey or warn predators off. It may also be a form of communication.

Where and When Can You Observe Bioluminescence In Cocoa Beach?

Bioluminescence is evident in the waters around Cocoa Beach throughout the year. However, visitors will likely see it at its most intense in glowing algae between July and October. November tends to be a busy month for glowing comb jellies which creates quite a show under the waves once the sun goes down. Some of the best places to observe bioluminescence in the area include the Banana River, the Indian River, and the Indian River Lagoon just to name a few.

Tour Groups Offering Bioluminescence Experiences

Because bioluminescence is best experienced at night, booking a Cocoa Beach bioluminescence tour is the safest and most effective way to witness this incredible show by nature! BK Adventure offers a great bioluminescence clear boat tour that’s fit for the entire family and departs in the waterways near Kiwanis Park. BK Adventure is headquartered at 485 N Washington Avenue in Titusville but serves the greater Cocoa Beach area with a variety of Cocoa Beach bioluminescence tour options daily and year-round. Cocoa Kayaking is another great option and is located at 5000 Tom Warriner Boulevard. This trusted company offers guests options to book clear canoe and kayak bioluminescence tours that are sure to inspire!

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