When you vacation to Cocoa Beach, you will be in a prime location for some aquatic fun. Cocoa Beach features all kinds of water-based adventures that is even more enjoyable when you have a guide to take you around. That is where Fin Expeditions come in; their family friendly guided tours can take you all around the best spots just off Cocoa Beach. Take a look at what they have to offer:

Guided Kayak Tour

You can experience the Thousand Islands of Cocoa Beach when you reserve a guided kayak tour. This is a great way to have a professional guide show you around. This two-hour tour will allow you to paddle around to see incredible wildlife such as dolphins, manatees, birds, and plenty more. Guided kayak tours are family friendly; anyone over the age of 4 can join in on the fun.

Sunset Kayak Tour

While it is extremely fun to explore Cocoa Beach by kayak during the day, it is just as fun at sunset! You can add a little romance to your expedition by booking a sunset kayak tour with the professional at Fin Expeditions. You can still expect to see all of the usual animals of Cocoa Beach but also some birds and other wildlife that only come out in the evening.

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Fin Expeditions also offers unique nighttime adventures with their bioluminescence kayak tours. The Banana River Lagoon lights up at night with the unique bioluminescence from under the water. Each stroke you make with your paddle lights up the water for an exceptional experience. The guide will keep you on course and safe throughout this nighttime experience.

Finding Fin Expeditions

You can set up your next guided kayak adventure with Fin Expeditions by calling 321-698-7233 or by emailing kayak@finexpeditions.com. Each tour starts off Ramp Rd in Cocoa Beach and all kayaks are included in your guided tour.

Reserve Your Cocoa Beach Getaway Today

Kayak tours with Fin Expeditions are just one of many different activities and attractions you can find here in Cocoa Beach. You can get started on your next Florida getaway by reserving one of our direct vacation condos in the area. In case you’re visiting Satellite Beach, we have prepared winter rentals¬†for you! Each property offers luxury amenities and great locations just steps away from the beach. Give us a call to book your stay today! Contact us!