Winter is not only about snow and ice-related natural wonders. If you prefer to take a break from the cold weather and head to a warmer destination, you have plenty of options. For a gorgeous beach destination with mild winters and exciting attractions, we can suggest Cocoa Beach, Florida. This beach town is known for its clear blue waters, white sand, long coastline, tons of water activities, and exciting tourist attractions.

Cocoa Beach is a fun destination for a winter vacation as you can escape the crowds of the summer season. Due to the mild winter, you can enjoy outdoor activities without any difficulties. Read on to see all the reasons why you should be visiting Cocoa Beach in the winter!

Winter Fun for All

You can book a winter vacation in Cocoa Beach if you would like to enjoy the outdoor activities. Cocoa beach is known for its short and mild winter with temperatures ranging from 55°F – 88°F. You may experience cold temperatures in the evening or night, but overall, the mild winter is suitable for beach activities. Winter ranges from mid-October to March, with January being the coldest month in the year. One of the biggest advantages of visiting Cocoa Beach during winter is the comfortable water temperature. You can easily swim on the beach even during December; the average water temperature is around 70-80°F. During January, the average water temperature is around 68°F. The winter season offers a mix of both sunny and partly cloudy days, so it is perfect to be out on the beach. You can easily travel with a light sweater or jacket and make the most of your vacation to Cocoa Beach.

Besides the comfortable weather, you can enjoy plenty of holiday special events in winter. Cocoa Beach has a vibrant festive spirit that can add lots of color, lights, and fun to your vacation. There are many winter festivals, events, and celebrations at numerous spots in the city. You can find exciting family-friendly activities for your entire group. You cannot miss the wonderful Cocoa Beach Main Street Winter Festival. Here, you can find beautiful holiday decorations, festive lights, a snow show, a Christmas tree, gourmet food, and much more. You can shop for the perfect Christmas gifts and toys in the local shops along the street. For some unique festive fun, you can head to the Brevard Zoo. You can enjoy the holidays with animals, music, games, decorations, and a giant Christmas tree. For Christmas special musical shows, live events, theatre performances, and plays, you can explore multiple options in and around Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach Tourist Attractions in Winter

While holiday special events are one part of the winter experience, you can enjoy many outdoor activities at Cocoa Beach. First and foremost, you cannot miss the beautiful coastline park called Lori Wilson Park. This popular beachfront park offers incredible views of the beach. It also has many pavilions, picnic tables, a playground, a volleyball court, drinking fountains, outdoor showers, and free parking. You can enjoy a peaceful picnic under the sun and close to the beach. Another popular spot that deserves a special mention is the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier. It extends 800 feet into the ocean and offers a scenic view of the beach. It is home to plenty of restaurants, seafood joints, bars, and cafes. You can enjoy a joyous evening along the pier. Downtown Cocoa Village is another hotspot with lots of exciting activities, shops, art galleries, food options. You can explore the history and culture of the town on foot.

If you are looking for a unique museum with fun activities for both adults and kids, you can visit the Dinosaur Store. It has an adventure zone with many games, rides, displays, and toys. It also has a museum where you can explore the world of dinosaurs. The museum has many artifacts and fossils from ancient times.

Enjoy all of these Cocoa Beach tourist attractions in winter. Get in touch with us at Stay in Cocoa Beach and find the perfect vacation rental for your stay.