We are now accepting reservations from guests from all states.


Important Facts on Cleaning & Safety

The safety of our guests and staff comes first. Here are a few things you should know:

    • Unlike a hotel, every condo can be accessed by outdoor walkways and stairs with elevators being an option should you choose. In addition, our self-check-in process means there is no in-person contact when checking in to any of our properties.
    • Our cleaning staff are equipped with masks, gloves and disinfectants.
    • A rigorous cleaning process is adhered to during each cleaning.
    • All properties are in low/medium density buildings which are naturally less busy.
    • All properties are equipped with fully stocked kitchens, so you can choose to prepare meals at home if preferred.
    • Given the relaxed nature of the area, one can have a very enjoyable vacation with limited interaction with others should you choose.