With its sunshine, beautiful beaches, and nearby attractions such as Disney & the Kennedy Space Center, there are few places with more for visitors to see and do. The strong year-round demand for vacation accommodation is what has made the Space Coast a great place to invest in as well. While owning and managing can sound like a dream for many, the day-to-day work needed to offer guests amazing experiences and keep a property in tip-top condition should not be underestimated. From regular repairs to late-night guest inquiries to regulation and unexpected issues, it doesn’t take long for vacation property owners to see all that’s involved in property management services. That’s where the team at Stay In Cocoa Beach can partner with you to maximize your stress-free return on investment.

Over 20 Years of Moving Forward

For over 20 years, Stay In Cocoa Beach has been a family-owned and operated business focused on providing Space Coast visitors with outstanding stays at high-quality vacation properties. As property owners ourselves, we understand all that goes into managing and maintaining your real estate investment. At the same time, we saw an opportunity in a market that was underserved; to bring the Stay In Cocoa Beach philosophy and way of doing things to other owners who have a similar mindset of providing guests with high-quality accommodations.

What Cocoa Beach Property Management Services Offer

Our team is excited to partner with select area owners who are aligned in our vision of providing guests with great stays. We also believe that by having happy guests, owners benefit from higher rents and can sleep well at night knowing visitors are getting what they expect and more when they choose to stay at your property.

Partnering with Stay In Cocoa Beach means you can leverage our on-the-ground local presence, size and reputation. Our interests are aligned directly with yours. We earn a percentage of the rent you earn and do not nickel and dime our partners. We do well when your unit rents well. Period.

We work with current and prospective owners to optimize their property to make it as attractive to guests in order to maximize their return on investment. We take care of getting the property ready to rent; from staging and photography, through to marketing, pricing, listing and registration.

We offer our owners a number of important benefits that all work to increase your profits and return on investment. Examples include our marketing program. We list your property across all major booking sites including Airbnb, VRBO, Marriott Homes & Villas, Booking.com, Hotels.com & Expedia. Your property also benefits from being listed on our website (www.stayincocoabeach.com), which is a leading site for visitors to the area seeking high-quality vacation rentals from a trusted source. Our website is a critical differentiator, and we encourage you to visit it yourself. In addition, we leverage social media, spend heavily on Google advertising, and can promote your property to our online mailing lists with tens of thousands of subscribers. At the end of the day when you partner with us, your property is going to get outstanding exposure.

Our local on-the-ground guest service and repair teams are a huge asset and a major differentiator. By having friendly, reliable, and trustworthy experts who are available 365 days a year, we can handle any guest, repair or another issue that could arise. We also have a rigorous preventive maintenance plan that gets performed regularly to ensure your property is kept in pristine condition. We even operate our own laundromat to provide hotel-quality linens & towels, ensure cleanliness and reduce the wear & tear on your appliances. No other operator on the Space Coast has the scale to be able to offer this.

We utilize advanced pricing algorithms that adjust dynamically to make sure your property is priced correctly every day of the year. This can substantially increase your revenue and we take care of it all without you having to lift a finger. Owners can also log into their online portal at any point and see how their property is doing in real-time and book time off for personal use.

We fundamentally believe in providing a great product and service to the thousands of people who visit the Space Coast each year and happily welcome back many returning visitors. We encourage you to check our business and guest reviews for yourself. You will see why we have grown to be the leading owner and manager of premium vacation properties on the Space Coast.

Reach Out Today

Whether you are a current property owner looking to maximize your stress free return on investment, or considering buying an investment property, feel free to reach out to learn more by calling (321) 830-8063, or dropping by our office at 5300 Ocean Beach Blvd in Cocoa Beach. Click here to read more about our Cocoa Beach property management services!