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Presidents’ Day in Cocoa Beach

In the vacation world (and in real life too) we love a three-day holiday weekend, and although Presidents’ Day Weekend doesn’t really offer much in the way of added entertainment, it does offer travelers who are cold and tired of the gray skies to enjoy a taste of summer in February when they take a holiday vacation to Cocoa Beach. With highs stretching up into the 70s and rainfall only using up three days of the month on average, your winter pale skin will soak in the rays of the sun as your soul revels in the comforts and luxuries offered in our Stay In Cocoa Beach vacation retreats; this guide to all the fun in the sun you can enjoy during your Presidents’ Day holiday in Cocoa Beach will help you put up with the cold and gloom a little longer.

Toes in the Sand

Although the waters may be a little nippy for swimming, a walk along the shorelines of the Atlantic Ocean is an activity that can be enjoyed year round as can a little sun worshipping from the beach chairs you have pulled from the closets of your Cocoa Beach escape. Winter is a popular travel time, but there is plenty of sand real estate to go around, so check out the treasures that can often be found in the beach gear closets, slip on your new swimsuit and flip flops and head out to stake your claim on white sand beaches. This toes in the sand time is something that will feed your soul as it sets your heart on fire and the magic you feel during these moments will linger long after you return home to snow, gloom, and cold.

A Taste of the Space Coast

Cocoa Beach is just one of many towns that make up a region we call the Space Coast, all within short drives of each other and most offering our luxurious and inviting Stay In Cocoa Beach escapes. The events that take place in these other towns, including Melbourne, are destined to enhance your Florida vacation experience with the 321 Food Fest being a perfect example. Held in Wickham Park in Melbourne for the last four years, this food festival occurring on Presidents’ Day Weekend, offers an authentic taste of the Coast, one that will haunt your dreams in the best of all ways for years to come. Also offering a craft fair marketplace, live music, and fun games and activities, the a la carte tasting menus and sip and savor drinks will add to the perfection of your getaway.

Shop the Sales During the President’s Day Holiday in Cocoa Beach

Other than the bonus paid day off, as stated earlier, we don’t really go out of our way to acknowledge the men who have taken their time at the helm of America, but the holiday weekend has become a fabulous time for sales, making shopping expeditions a big thing to do while you are here. Shop the sales in downtown Cocoa Beach, offering cool gift shops (Sunshine Shop) glittery jewelry stores (Diamond Castle Jewelry & Coin) and beach spots (Catalysts), finding everything you never knew you needed, often at bargain prices!

The Theater Awaits

There are quite a few community theaters in the area, but we think our favorite may be the historic Cocoa Village Playhouse, featuring a peek into the glory days of theater. Constructed in 1924 as a silent movie house, it has gone through many owners and incarnations in the 100 years it has been in existence, but entertainment has always been its main purpose and when you step into the theater with its velvet chairs, “sky boxes,” and the massive stage adorned with heavy velvet curtains for the first time you will feel as if you have also stepped back in time, visiting an era where flappers ruled the day and talkies destroyed the careers of silent movie stars when their voices just did not translate. Located at Brevard Avenue, the talented actors who perform on its stage cover everything from Broadway shows to children’s theater.

At Home with Stay In Cocoa Beach

Just being able to spend some time devoted to your family is destined to be the best part of your Presidents’ Day journey to Cocoa Beach and our holiday hideaways are designed to encourage you to stay in and relax for at least a part of your stay. The condo communities feature pools that may be heated, sports courts, and barbecue areas, enticing guests to get outside and play while the properties themselves are loaded with creature comforts and modern conveniences, encouraging rest and relaxation. Watch the Magic play on state-of-the-art televisions, sit out on balconies that overlook the Atlantic, watching the tides ebb and flow while sipping mojitos, or take a nap on Monday afternoon simply because you don’t get to do that at home. Reach out to us and reserve your favorite Stay In Cocoa Beach rental today!