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There are a multitude of reasons you may be considering Merritt Island for your upcoming beach vacation, and the golden sand beaches are just a small part of your reasoning. Merritt Island was once the property of the King of Spain, granted to a nobleman named Merritt in 1605, but today this historical piece of paradise is all fun and serenity, no royalty in sight! Uncrowded and offering miles of pristine beaches, you can spend your days relaxing on those golden sand beaches, devouring the best seafood in the state at cozy restaurants, and exploring the oldest home in Brevard County—Sams Cabin, which was moved to the island in 1879. And at night, after watching the sun set into the sea as you dine on sweet crab, come home to the beauty, comfort, and luxuries found in our Stay In Cocoa Beach Merritt Island vacation home rentals! Designed to welcome each guest with their warm embrace, these homes provide everything you never knew you needed in a vacation home and will be an integral part of your vacation experience! This guide to our Merritt Island vacation rentals will make the decision easy when it comes time to pick the vacation home of your dreams.

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Filled with Light

Florida is the Sunshine State, so it should be of no surprise that our Merritt Island escapes offer bright spaces streaming with sunlight! Every space is different, but sunshine and sea will be a common theme, inviting guests to relax and bask in the carefree vibe in which Florida specializes. Living rooms with plush sofas and reading chairs so soft, you may not notice that so many hours have passed with your nose buried in the novel you plucked from the shelves until the sunlight begins to fade and it becomes just a tad too dark to decipher the words on the page. (That’s ok, though, just turn on the lamp that is resting nearby and read a few more chapters!) State-of-the-art television vie for attention with sunsets and outdoor adventures, but at least one member of your traveling party is sure to appreciate a few hours of football, baseball, or holiday movies. Bookshelves and cabinets may contain books, movies, and board games to be utilized by occupants during their stay, and those windows through which the sunlight is streaming through offer unobstructed views of large yards, comfortable balconies, and quite possibly, the sea waters that surround your island vacation spot.

Dinners enjoyed at large dining room tables may be prepared in the fully equipped kitchens that lie just steps away or could consist of takeout pizza delivered to your doorstep on a rainy summer night. Mornings can start with coffee and quiet while early risers sit and savor the peacefulness of a house or condo that is still waking up. In the evenings, the dining room becomes gaming central as you gather around the table with your favorite traveling companions, playing the board games you remember from your own youth, or perhaps learning something new! The kitchens are the heart of our Merritt Island homes and condos, providing a cheerful vibe, high-end appliances, and plenty of counter space for prep. Maybe the property you are considering will need a breakfast bar for your tiniest travelers to use while devouring bowls of cereal each morning, or maybe you fell for a spacious kitchen with a large center island; both will more than likely also offer stone counters, custom cabinets, and comfy barstools to expand your dining options!

Why Would You Want to Leave

There is a lot to do on this idyllic island, but the entertainment and relaxation options found in our Stay In Cocoa Beach escapes may have you questioning why you would want to leave? Outdoor areas with firepits and barbecue grills invite family barbecues and pool parties in the standalone homes that feature private pools! Sitting out on a balcony overlooking the sea in a beachfront haven should always be accompanied by a frothy beverage, (many kitchens provide blenders just for this purpose) and as the waves crash against sandy beaches, the sun sinks into the sea, the quiet of a Merritt Island evening will burrow its way into your heart, calming fears and silencing the noises in your brain. Many escapes will provide the beach gear you need, chairs, towels, umbrellas, even wagons with large wheels that can easily maneuver through the sands, allowing guests to fully enjoy their beach days without having to pack a bunch of bulky stuff in their luggage. Every property we offer is different in style, size, and amenities, but your dream vacation home come true could include a fully equipped game room with gaming tables and televisions, ensuring that even on the rainiest days you will have plenty to keep you entertained!

Experience the Ultimate Luxury in Our Merritt Island Vacation Rentals

All this fun and relaxing will ensure that even as you awaken each morning feeling refreshed and recharged, you will still feel exhausted and ready for a long night’s sleep, something that will be easily acquired in our Merritt Island vacation home rentals. Premium beds topped with silky linens, private televisions, even padded headboards can help form the path to a deep sleep filled with the happiest of dreams. En suite baths may offer deep soaking tubs, inviting guests to fill the baths with fragrant waters, sit back with their tablet or another book, and soak away any sore muscles or remaining stresses; high-speed internet ensures that you can stream your favorite music stations for as long as you like without glitches. Wi-Fi passwords will be included in our guest books, allowing travelers to preserve their expensive data. Bunk rooms for the kids, king beds for adults that need their space, the occasional private access to decks, and sitting areas that are perfect for enjoying that first cup of coffee in the morning are just a few examples of what you can expect to find in the bedrooms of our island sanctuaries, ensuring that every night will give you the best night’s sleep of your life!

Of Course, There Is More!

Luxury amenities can be more than private pools. They can include full-sized laundry rooms that allow travelers to save room in their suitcases for souvenirs they purchase during vacation shopping sprees. It can be the location, and a location anywhere on the small island (Merritt Island is just 46.15 square miles) will bring your friends and family who weren’t able to come along for the trip great envy. Knowing there’s a corkscrew in the drawers, wine glasses in the cabinets, and maybe even an outdoor shower for washing sand off your feet is a luxury not all vacation rentals provide. Every property we offer on Merritt Island provides something special that makes them stand out in a sea of ho-hum rentals, ensuring that your stay with us will not just be relaxing; it will help you create memories that will last a lifetime!

Contact us and reserve your favorite sanctuary today and start marking off the days on the calendar until it is finally time to board the plane and fly across the friendly skies towards a vacation you truly will wish never had to end!