Travelers across the globe are constantly faced with wanderlust. There’s seemingly no end to the adventures to be had or the new destinations to be discovered and they wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why every year, the team at National Geographic puts together a list of the top 25 places that are worth experiencing. This list is ideal when it’s time to pack a suitcase, grab the passport, and hit the road or skies in the name of adventure.

In 2021, National Geographic’s list has taken a turn for the cosmic! Florida’s family-friendly Space Coast was featured in the lineup as a must-visit destination this year. It’s not hard to see why the Space Coast is so endlessly appealing to travelers from near and far. Featuring over 72 miles of scenic coastline, the Space Coast is as beautiful and refreshing as it is committed to the concept of space travel. Between the beaches, family-friendly activities, and space-focused facilities, the Space Coast is a dream come true for those seeking a destination where education, natural beauty, and entertainment are equally balanced.

What Makes the Space Coast So Unique?

The answer might just lie in the stars! For all of its coastal beauty, the Space Coast earns its name from the many space centers that call this area home base. Visitors to the Space Coast often bring a passion for pursuing galaxies unknown with them. It’s a place where those who have ever dreamed of what it would be like to be an astronaut can get an idea of what the job is like in reality!

The Space Coast is home to the Kennedy Space Center as well as the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Both of these destinations are known for their NASA-launched spaceflights that can be observed by visitors as well if travel lines up with a launch date. A trip to the Kennedy Space Center promises to be out of this world. It’s a family-friendly stop where guests can learn more about how space travel has evolved over time and even get a close-up look at the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The entire center is divided into mission zones and if you’re wanting even more from the experience, you can sign up for a behind-the-scenes bus tour that takes you out to the launch pad!

The Best of Beach Life Too

While there’s so much to learn and see about space in this area, it’s likely the destination made the list of must-visit locales thanks to its beach scene as well. Situated just 35 miles east of Orlando, the Space Coast is the perfect place to catch some Florida rays and relish in the impressive swells. Keeping your eyes open for seabirds is half the fun, especially when paired with the 8-foot swells this stretch of coastline is known for producing.

While watching the waves roll in can be a captivating sight, many visitors make their way to the Space Coast to indulge in the fun from a vantage point on the waves. Not to worry, there are many options from which to choose! Surfing is a popular activity in this area as is fishing thanks to the variety of species that linger below the surface of the water. If you’re up for more of a guided experience, you can hop on a Space Coast River Tour for a more leisurely moment, or an airboat tour when a heart-pounding pace is what you long for. Partnering up with the team at Wildside Tours is a great place to start when you just can’t wait to get up close with some of nature’s most amazing creatures. This area of Florida is home to everything from manatees and alligators to dolphins, coastal fish, and many migrating birds!

Get Golfing on the Space Coast

Of course, if you’re the type of person that can’t imagine a trip without a tee time on the itinerary, the Space Coast has a lot to offer you as well! This part of Florida is outfitted with 20 courses to pick and choose from when time on the greens is your idea of the perfect vacation. Whether you head to the Cocoa Beach Country Club or The Habitat at Valkaria, you’re sure to find yourself perfecting your short and long game in scenic surroundings.

Make Your Way to the Space Coast

There’s a reason National Geographic is showcasing the Space Coast this year, and there’s nothing like experiencing this destination for yourself! When you’re ready to make the most of an adventure this way, the property professionals at Stay in Cocoa Beach are here to help. Reach out today to learn more about our many Space Coast vacation rentals and how we can help you start planning your trip!