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The history of surfing dates back over 5000 years, referenced in cave carvings in Peru. When you plan a surf vacation on the Space Coast, you will be surfing through history. Cocoa Beach Pier is where the most legendary of surfing competitions have been held, drawing surfers from all over the world to its waves and if you are planning a surf vacation in our Florida hometown, Stay In Cocoa Beach offers the perfect surf sanctuaries that will help you recuperate from your salt water adventures. This guide to surfing in Cocoa Beach will offer a peek into making your surf dreams come true, while also providing a glimpse into your most comfortable adventures spent at home with us.

Fun Facts about Surfing

Surfing was once known as the sport of kings as only Hawaiian royalty was permitted to participate in it its charms, but today millions of people from all over the world take part. Fascinating and offering an anti-establishment vibe, even Agatha Christy, world famous writer, used to ride the waves, and surf movies are often the most popular ones to watch, with the 1991 movie Point Break, arguably being one of our nation’s favorites. And best of all, Cocoa Beach is often considered the surf capital of the East Coast as well as the small wave capital of the world, ensuring that your surf adventures are destined to be ones you will never forget.

Find Your Board

With such a long and enduring surf history you have to expect that there will be a plethora of spots where you can rent or purchase the equipment you need, and you would be right. The average surfer doesn’t want to lug their board across the miles and places like the Cocoa Beach Surf Company, 4001 N Atlantic Avenue, Flohana Surf, Skate, Swim, 200 N Atlantic Avenue, and the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, 4151 N Atlantic Avenue ensure that you don’t have to. Offering an expansive selection of surfing equipment for sale or rent and providing staff that can offer tips on where the best waves can be ridden, these shops are perfect for helping you begin your new obsession.

Learning the Ropes

Whether this is your first attempt at surfing or you are just looking for some refresher tips on the sport, just as there are plenty of surf shops in the area, visitors have an equally large selection of surf schools to choose from. Offering both private and group classes, Cocoa Beach Surf School (401 Meade Avenue), School of Surf (108 N Orlando Avenue), and Space Coast Surf (1400 N Atlantic Avenue), are all five-star reviewed schools, providing knowledgeable staff and that innate ability to spread the fever for one of the world’s most popular sports to their students.

Birthplace of a Champion

Cocoa Beach is the hometown of Kelly Slater, the surfer who is famous for having made the most money in one year of surfing ($3 million!), probably due to all the practice he got right here, hitting the most consistent waves in the state. In the fall months, hurricane swells make it an even more popular surfing area, but it is popular year-round due to the great weather we enjoy every month of the year. The most popular surfing spots include Lori Wilson Beach Park, offering smaller waves but less crowds, Picnic Tables located right across the street from Patrick Air Force Base, and the world famous Cocoa Beach Pier where the first Easter Surfing Festival was held back in 1964. Today, the festival is held in April at the Lori Wilson Beach Park, but the legends that have surfed at Cocoa Beach Pier over the years make it one of the most well-known surf spots in the nation.

Enjoy Surfing In Cocoa Beach

After you have ridden the last wave to the shores of Cocoa Beach, you can’t just grab the board and head on home, there are a few things you should do first, including taking care of your board by removing any old wax, washing and drying it, to ensure that it continues to ride the waves for years to come. But your well being is equally important, and after you dry your ears to keep from infections and stretch your muscles to keep from cramps, aches, or pains after your successful wave adventures. One other thing you may notice, however, is how hungry you are and the kitchens in your Stay In Cocoa Beach sanctuary will have everything you need to make a great meal. Relax in comfort and style, watching the sun set over the sea in our beachfront models and enjoying afternoon naps on rainy days. Reserve your favorite escape today!

When you are tired of being cold and you miss the sunshine, even as it sparkles from your Valentine’s eyes, it is time to make your way south for the most romantic day of the year. Wondering how far south? We at Stay In Cocoa Beach think heading straight to our town and our beautiful and romantic love nests should be just far enough and this guide will help you fill the seconds, minutes, and hours of Valentine’s Day in Cocoa Beach with love, fun, and excitement!

Sleep in a Little Later

Real life is exhausting, and traveling many miles doesn’t make you any less tired, although it may not seem romantic at first, we can promise the benefits of a “lie-in” are wonderful on every level. Even if you are awake, snuggling under the softest linens, talking about the plans for the day ahead, and just delaying the ultimate moment of having to place your feet on the floor next to the bed, these early moments will be the ones you return to in your mind on the crazy days that lie ahead in real life.

Breakfast Can Be Romantic

While most people concentrate on dinner as the romantic meal of the day (and we will have some suggestions for that, later down the page) we see breakfast as offering another opportunity for a meal filled with love and emotion. Maybe this will be the day you start a new tradition of serving your Valentine a breakfast in bed, being sure not to forget the mimosas, or maybe a Valentine’s Day brunch is what makes both your hearts beat a little quicker. If the former is your favorite idea, our fully equipped kitchens will help the meal-making process go smoothly even if you do nothing more than serve donuts and mimosas. For a love-filled Valentine’s brunch, Whisk & Grind, located at 410 N Atlantic Avenue, offers a hearty menu of your breakfast favorites, all designed to fuel up your bodies in the most delicious of ways.

The Sea Is Calling

As the sun shines down on your adventures for Valentine’s Day in Cocoa Beach and warm temperatures invite you to keep the heavy coat you traveled in hanging in your closet, not be used until your return to reality, the waters that make Cocoa Beach such a beloved vacation destination may be calling and our first sea-themed adventure will take place a board a couple of colorful kayaks. Rent your own from Cocoa Kayaking, 5000 Tom Warriner Boulevard, following the maps or instructions provided by helpful staff or let the knowledgeable guides at Fin Expeditions lead you to the best spots on the water. Located at 599 Ramp Road, their sunset tours will give you yet another romantic adventure.

The Couple Who Massages Together

One of our favorite couple’s activities is a massage and Cocoa Beach Spa, (321) 613-2943 is known for having the best hands in the business. Serving Cocoa Beach for over 15 years, their couple’s massages are completed with soft music, aromatherapy, and steamed towels in a room built for two. The beds will be side by side and as you lose yourself in the moment, a quick glance, a quiet comment, and the sighs that can be heard from both of you will serve as reminders that you are not alone.

Dinner, Sunset Views, and Your Sweetheart

Now is the time to discuss the most beautiful way to end a day of love and romance, and of course, we are talking about the Valentine’s Day meal. There are, in our minds, three requirements for a perfect holiday meal: The food should be local seafood, the meal should include views of the sun setting over the sea, and your Valentine should be sitting in the chair across from you. We all remember the days when we would share a booth with our loves, but the reality is you want to look in their eyes with every bite, and you just can’t do that when sitting side by side. Our favorite romantic restaurant brings us back to Cocoa Beach Pier, Pier 62 Oceanfront Restaurant & Bar, which offers a patio that looks over the sea, (see requirement number 1) fresh seafood harvested from the waters around the pier (requirement two can be checked off) and of course, your Valentine staring across the table at you with stars in her eyes.

Romance Begins for Valentine’s Day in Cocoa Beach

Now, except for the couple’s massage and the kayak tours, all the above activities can be enjoyed by just the two of you in the love nest you chose to make your own. Fully equipped kitchens invite lovebirds to create meals together, comfy couches placed in front of state-of-the-art televisions encourage watching Hallmark movies together, and patios and balconies staring out on the most beautiful of views offer the best sightings of the Florida sunset. Reserve your favorite escape today!

As we pack away another year with the Christmas decorations and toss out the negativity with the last of the empty champagne bottles, many people in the world are starting to feel a little blue. Fortunately, many of our Stay in Cocoa Beach favorite people have included the resolution of traveling more, and what could be a better way to liven up 2024 than with a winter getaway to the tropical paradise of Cocoa Beach? This guide to kicking off the new year with a fabulous Florida vacation in Cocoa Beach will help bring the color back into your life!

Game on! Run for Responders 5K, January 6, Historic Cocoa Village

Now, for the most part, we are going to encourage our guests to take this time to relax and savor some really important downtime before diving back into their busy schedules that accompany real life, with this one exception. The Game On! Run for Responders 5K benefits Survive First, a charity that supports first responders during their most stressful times. After all the calories consumed through the holidays and all the extra food you will be dining on during your stay in Cocoa Beach, you will also be crossing another resolution off your list, the one about working out more, while you participate in this worthy event. Costing $35 for adults and $25 for children, costs will go up after January 4th, so register online today.

Take a Nap

After the run, you and your family will be more than ready to come back to your seasonal sanctuary to rest, relax, and recuperate from the steps you put in, and if a nap seems like a good idea at the time, we encourage you to go for it. Whether you lie back on super soft sofas with the television providing a little background noise to help make the transition easier or you go all out, slipping out of your street clothes and sliding between the silky soft linens that top our premium beds, this week of fun deserves to be filled with a plethora of naps. When was the last time you had the luxury of sawing z’s for a few hours in the middle of the work week? During your escape to Florida you will have all the luxury in the world, napping whenever you want!

Explore the Wild Side of Florida

The Brevard Zoo, located at 8225 N Wickham Road in Melbourne, offers a chance to slow down the pace a bit as you introduce your kiddos to the joys of a day at the zoo. Home to over 900 animals that represent nearly 200 different species from all over the world, they offer a variety of events, animal encounters, and the opportunity to explore the importance of zoos and how they preserve wildlife, this charming animal habitat also features a sea turtle healing center to help the endangered species not just survive in difficult times but to thrive and hopefully be removed from the endangered rosters.

Sip and Savor

Relaxation is key to a successful Cocoa Beach getaway and if your moments of relaxation are accompanied by tropical beverages, all the better. Rikki Tiki Tavern, located on a pier at 401 Meade Avenue, offers an exciting way to sip a cool drink as you savor the sun setting over the sea. Winter temps in the 70s allow for outdoor seating on its patio and a full menu of seafood-centric and land lubbers meals will encourage leisurely meals and repeat visits. Be sure to take a selfie under the colorful Cocoa Beach pier sign while you are here, but remember, you don’t have to go far to enjoy your sipping and savoring experiences. All our Stay in Cocoa Beach escapes provide balconies, patios, and decks that invite you to do the same thing you would do at Rikki Tiki Tavern while staying at home in your comfiest clothes! (minus the selfie at the Cocoa Beach pier sign, of course)

Kennedy Space Center

Cocoa Beach lies in the heart of the Space Coast and if you have the time, a visit to Kennedy Space Center is destined to bring you magical memories. Explore Rocket Gardens where full-sized rockets from previous launches are planted, visit the US Astronaut Hall of Fame, and walk in the footsteps of all the heroes who have dedicated their lives to the exploration of the final frontier. This adventure is a family-friendly one guaranteed to create memories that your tiniest travelers will remember their entire lives and may even become a new family tradition as you return in 2025, 2026, and every year after, just to explore all the Kennedy Space Center offers.

Reserve your Favorite Stay in Cocoa Beach Escape Today!

2024 is looking brighter with each new plan you make, starting with choosing Stay in Cocoa Beach for your first vacation in Cocoa Beach of the new year!

Spending quality time with your partner helps foster intimacy and allows you to learn more about each other’s interests. If you’re planning a surprise getaway for your significant other or searching for a delightful destination to celebrate your love, Florida’s Cocoa Beach delivers an epic couple’s vacation experience. From its pristine beaches to world-class eateries and excellent outdoor Cocoa Beach activities, this Sunshine State gem is the ideal location for a romantic couple’s getaway. Here’s how to enjoy the perfect date night in Cocoa Beach.

Hit the Beach

Kick things off with a charming stroll down one of Cocoa Beach’s beautiful sandy beaches. Playalinda Beach offers a gorgeous seashore along Florida’s East Coast. This famous beach features soft dunes, a laidback ambiance, and numerous wildlife species, ideal for a romantic, hand-in-hand walk. Lori Wilson Park Beach offers a secluded space with extensive boardwalks stretching along the coast and meandering through the local forests and mangroves. If you prefer a beach with several amenities, check out Howard E. Futch Memorial Park Beach and access bathrooms, a lifeguard station, and several shops within walking distance.

Enjoy a Picnic

Settle down by the edge of the ocean and share an intimate picnic as you take in the beauty of the water. Sidney Fischer Park is a serene, 10-acre park offering lovely oceanfront views, ideal for a picnicking session. The park has specific picnic areas with tables and shelters, ensuring you enjoy an undisturbed experience. Pack light foods such as Caprese bites, chicken avocado roll-ups, avocado chips, or fruit and nut bars, and relish romantic outdoor oceanside dining.

Book a Spa Date

Once you’ve had your fair share of oceanside escapades, check in for a soothing couple’s massage. Cocoa Beach Spa is one of the best spots for relaxing rub-downs with your partner. The spa offers first-class services in a vintage beach house with a laid-back atmosphere. Enjoy a couple’s session in a private room as professional therapists provide a calming Swedish massage. The experience includes aroma therapy, relaxing spa music, and Steamed towel compresses. You may also opt for a hot stone massage, which involves placing heated stones on particular pressure points to ease tense muscles and relieve pain.

Take a Sunset Cruise

Now that your bodies and minds are at ease, head out to the water and enjoy an evening cruise as you take in the lovely sunset. Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours has been a mainstay since 2002, providing memorable sunset tours off the Florida coast. The company offers daily two-hour cruises on the Banana River, giving you access to aquatic wildlife species. The boat meanders through Thousand Island before steering out to the river’s most expansive section, where you’ll experience the beautiful sunset. Other renowned boat tour agencies in Cocoa Beach include Paddle Pub Cocoa Beach and Wildside Tours.

Relish a Romantic Meal

After your evening thrills on the water, check into one of the local eateries for a romantic dinner. Pampano Grill is the ultimate go-to for delicious seafood options, including filet mignon, creamy shrimp pasta, and signature tuna. For a taste of sumptuous German cuisine, reserve your seat at Heidi’s Jazz Club & Restaurant and relish tasty entrees that include goulash, several schnitzel varieties, grilled pork chops, and beef fillet stroganoff. The Tiny Turtle serves one of Cocoa Beach’s best Caribbean menus, with tacos, burritos, and rancheros on the list. Brano’s Italian Grill serves delightful Italian dishes, while Nosh is the best spot for sushi.

Watch a Film at Merrit Square 16 & IMAX

Once you’ve treated your taste buds to Cocoa Beach’s delicious cuisine, head to Merit Square 16 & IMAX for the latest blockbusters. This modern multiplex features ultra-large screens with digital projection, creating the ultimate movie experience. The cinema’s stadium seating offers comfort, while the concession options allow you to combine your movie with your favorite savory snacks. Relish an immersive cinematic experience thanks to a state-of-the-art sound system, as the massive recliners provide additional comfort and enhanced viewing angles.

Rest in a Romantic Vacation Rental

End the perfect date night with the right lodging choice. After your intimate experiences, turn to Stay In Cocoa Beach for the best couple’s accommodations in the city. We have delightful one-bedroom properties with numerous amenities, quick beach access, spectacular ocean views, and access to Cocoa Beach activities. Enjoy spacious living rooms with comfortable furnishings, fully equipped kitchens with ample appliances, inviting bedrooms with plush bedding, and modern bathrooms. Additional amenities include hot tubs, outdoor barbecues, heated pools, large high-definition flatscreens, and Wi-Fi for all your streaming and online needs. Our properties offer easy access to the city’s thrilling attractions. Contact us to book your romantic vacation rental and relish a memorable Cocoa Beach couple’s getaway in the city’s best vacation properties.

Florida is among the leading travel destinations on the East Coast for a reason. From its vast beauty to massive beaches that await, you are in for a unique holiday experience. At the heart of your sea experience in Florida is the iconic Cocoa Beach. It is a standout beach that oozes class and elegance. It is the best place to be to get in touch with Florida’s rich history. Planning a trip to Cocoa Beach for the upcoming holidays? Here are the best places for photographs in Cocoa Beach. 

Most Photographable Places in Cocoa Beach

The Cocoa Beach Pier is an iconic feature stretching more than 800 feet over the Atlantic. It has a history of being a cultural and entertainment masterpiece for the larger Florida. In short, it is 800 feet of pure entertainment. Within the pier are multiple gift shops to reward yourself. Also, it offers the perfect setting for you to pop up that vital question deep in the sea but away from water. Depending on the dates of your vacation, you may be lucky to witness a rocket launch from the nearby station. 

Lori Wilson Park

Topping the list of the best places to visit in Cocoa Beach is Lori Wilson Park. It is a one-stop locale for everything. From its beach access to the dunes and pavilions, it is the place to be for a worthy vacation at the coast. Within the park is a boardwalk that gives you a better view of the area. It is also a good place for you to try your luck in angling. The woods in the park together with the dunes create the perfect combination for your hiking needs. You may as well bring your furry friends to be part of your coastal experience. 

The Indian River

The Indian River is a beautiful river in Florida, whether you’re paddleboarding or kayaking on it to get some exercise in, trying to catch a fish, or enjoying the waterfront dining options along it you are certain to have fun and if you take a few photos during the fun it’s almost a guarantee they will turn out great. Another popular activity on this river is the Eco Tours. Depending on the time of year the types of tours available may vary but all will get you up close and personal to the unique wildlife in the area. If you’re here between June and October make sure you try a bioluminescent tour. Not only will this be a unique experience but you will have some of the most unique photos from it! 

Cocoa Beach Skate Park

Your adventure in Florida is not limited to the beach environment alone. Skating is one of the recommended escape routes to keep you busy while vacationing in the area. Over the past few years, skating has been gaining traction as a sport, especially among the youth. Cocoa Beach has taken things a notch higher by building a fully functional skate park. This facility is free to the public and visitors are expected to treat each other with decorum. All skill levels are accepted here. Also, it is a family-friendly setting with no alcohol allowed. Doing all these with the sea in the backdrop shows why you need Cocoa Beach for your next vacation. 

The Beach

The highlight of your vacation in this area is the beach itself. It is here where all the fun occurs. If you are the kind that dislikes congested places, then Cocoa Beach is for you. While other beaches on the East Coast must deal with the towering buildings menace, Cocoa Beach has none of that. Also, roads here are less congested, and that reduces the time spent commuting from one end of the town to the next. 

If you have been to a beach destination before, then you have an idea of what to expect here. After spending the previous days studying the region’s rich history, the time is right for your sea adventures. With the region’s surging heat, a dip in the cooler waters of the sea is imminent. It is a good place for you to swim and explore other activities. If you admire water activities that trigger your nerves, this beach has a lot of that to offer. You may as well dive into the deeper sections of the sea to explore the creatures that live there. Dolphin tours are also a crucial part of your adventure in Cocoa Beach. Take pictures with nesting sea turtles as part of your adventure in the area. 

Where to Stay in Cocoa Beach

The Cocoa Beach experience doesn’t end out there in the sea. The specific holiday homes you settle for are a crucial part of the experience. Whether you want properties closer to the seashore or further away on the mainland, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Ours is to ensure you get that dream holiday home. Within our portfolio are multiple property entries with amazing features and descriptions. From our modern kitchen designs to the beach access, these luxurious holiday homes are the real deal. Contact us today for booking.  

A getaway to Cocoa Beach is a chance for travelers to savor the best of the surf, sand, and sun all year long. However, those adventurers heading here over Easter will find the seasonal celebrations and options for fun are in full swing! The following are a few of the many options to cushion your itinerary in holiday style when your Easter travel plans bring you to sunny Cocoa Beach in 2023 and you can’t wait to make the most of every moment.

Enjoy the Cocoa Beach Air Show

A trip to Cocoa Beach over the Easter holiday is a chance to include sky-high fun on your itinerary when you book tickets for the Cocoa Beach Air Show. Every year, this air show soars over Cocoa Beach and is highly anticipated by locals and visitors alike. In 2023 it will be hosted on April 15th and 16th with options for guests to book three different types of seating options to enjoy the view. Drop Zone tickets starting at $29 include show narration and music as well as easy access to concessions and facilities. Sand Box tickets begin at $42.25 per person and provide spectators with a private viewing area in the sand to savor the sights above as well as reserved parking options near the event. For $179 a person, guests can enjoy Flight Line Club VIP which includes catered lunch, tents, and tables, as well as a beverage bar and private beach viewing. This year, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds will take to the sky at the Cocoa Beach Air Show while an A-10 Thunderbolt II demo is also on the lineup. The Remax Skydiving Team will be participating in the show in 2023 as well as an Air Force heritage flight, 920th Rescue Wing Czar demo, a C-17 Globemaster III demo, and aerial maneuvers by John Black.

Savor Cocoa Beach Easter Brunch at The Brevard Zoo

Wildlife and Easter fun collide this year when you book tickets to the annual Brevard Zoo Easter Brunch event. It will be held on April 8th between 10:00 am and 12:15 pm at the zoo’s Nyami Nyami Lodge. A ticket includes brunch as well as a beer, wine, or mimosa for adults. The menu hosts everything from a waffle station and breakfast pastries to Greek yogurt parfaits, breakfast potatoes, bacon and sausage, and more! In addition to brunch, there will be lawn games and photo opportunities for guests to enjoy. Admission to the zoo isn’t included in the cost of brunch but those who dine can enjoy 15% off entry on this day.

Check Out Easter in the Park

If you’re in town with the family in tow this Cocoa Beach Easter and you’re looking for a place where everyone can enjoy celebrating the holiday in style, head to Easter in the Park on April 9th. This annual event enjoys its 8th year in 2023 and will once again be hosted at Cocoa Riverfront Park at 401 Riveredge Boulevard in Cocoa Village. Music, fantastic food, entertainment, and plenty of family-friendly activities will be on-site to enjoy so come and spend a day having fun your way! It all kicks off at 2:00 pm and lasts until 9:00 pm.

Participate in a Family Easter Fest and Egg Hunt

On Saturday, April 1, 2023, the First United Methodist Church of Cocoa Beach will be hosting a Family Easter Fest and Egg Hunt that’s open to the public and fun for all ages. The event will be held from 10:30 am until 1:00 pm at 3300 N. Atlantic Avenue and will include food, goodies, games, raffles, a bounce house for little ones and beyond! Entrance is free for the first 100 children to sign up for the egg hunt; afterward, egg coloring will be a part of the activities available.

Be a Dog Surfing Spectator for a Great Cause This Easter

If you’re traveling to Cocoa Beach with a canine companion this Easter or you simply have a heart for pets, be sure to attend the 11th annual East Coast Dog Surfing Festival presented by Ron Jon Surf Shop and the Brevard Humane Society. This event will be held Sunday, April 9th starting at 8:00 am at Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach located at 1500 N. Atlantic Avenue. The event is free to attend but a $5 donation for participating dogs provides canines with access to the beach and proceeds go towards the Brevard Humane Society. This day of fun under the sun includes dog surfing lessons, dog Easter costume contests, a paddle out, and of course, dog surfing championships too. It’s a one-of-a-kind Easter event you simply won’t want to miss!

Book Your Cocoa Beach Adventure Today

Make more of your Cocoa Beach Easter adventure when you book accommodations through Stay in Cocoa Beach. Reach out today to learn about our property options in the area over Easter and how we can help you start planning your trip.

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When you’ve reached the point in your marriage when you can celebrate longevity and success, it’s exactly the right time to book an anniversary vacation to Cocoa Beach! This fantastic Florida getaway is the perfect place to enjoy quality time together under the sun, focusing on the fun and how far you’ve come since your wedding day. The following are just a few of the many reasons to spend your next wedding anniversary here, making the most of time together in style.

Enjoy a Picnic on the Sand

A true highlight of a visit this way for travelers is found right in the name…the beach! When you make your way to Cocoa Beach, Florida to celebrate your next wedding anniversary, enjoying time on the sand and savoring a romantic picnic for two is the way to go. Couples will find there’s no shortage of options in this area when it comes to pristine shorelines to enjoy. There’s something wonderfully refreshing about dining on your favorite delights while watching the waves roll in at a leisurely pace. It’s a chance to relax, enjoy the flavors you love most and relish a wonderful setting that’s ideal for a wedding anniversary celebration.

Explore the Best of Lori Wilson Park

If you and your partner are a couple with a shared passion for all things outdoors, a wedding anniversary trip to Lori Wilson Park while you’re in Cocoa Beach is a must! This beautiful and inspiring destination is found at 1500 N. Atlantic Avenue and offers visitors a stunning seaside space to relax and enjoy or explore at will. The park hosts pristine beaches as well as dunes and coastal hammocks. The pavilions are a place to settle in and enjoy the sights while the trails provide a tantalizing route to follow for wildlife watchers and nature photographers alike. From the BBQ grills to the gentle surf that lap at your feet while you stroll hand-in-hand, it’s a place where it’s easy to linger longer than you originally planned.

Toast to Your Marriage at the Rikki Tiki Tavern

Kick back in coastal style together and toast to a great marriage when you make your way to the Rikki Tiki Tavern when you’re in town to celebrate love. Located at 401 Meade Avenue, this casual cocktail lounge is loved for its location at the end of the Cocoa Beach Pier. Situated 800 feet out over the waves, Rikki Tiki Tavern offers guests unsurpassed ocean views as well as cozy seating, friendly service, and a lineup of cocktails that’s sure to please the palate! The thatched roof adds to the vibrant fun here while the full bar is just as inviting of a place to snuggle up to. They’re open from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm Sunday through Thursday with extended hours until 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Beyond the delicious drink selections, the menu here hosts everything from lobster club sandwiches and grilled vegetable wraps to pier burgers, grouper and grilled pineapple chicken wraps just to name a few!

Book with Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours

For all of the land-based fun that a wedding anniversary in Cocoa Beach offers, it might just be the water excursions that work as the cherry on top. Those couples who can’t wait to relish every romantic moment will find that booking a sunset cruise with Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours is a fantastic choice. A premier provider of on-the-water tours in the area since 2002, Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours is a trusted company that offers private charters and group wildlife-watching experiences alike. Their sunset cruises are popular among romance seekers with good reason. These 90-minute experiences cruise down the Banana River and offer up sweeping views of the colors as they dash across the sky in the evening. It’s a moment you simply won’t want to miss!

Rent a Romantic Home on Your Vacation to Cocoa Beach

Enhancing your Cocoa Beach anniversary by incorporating romantic accommodations is a breeze for couples who book through Stay in Cocoa Beach. Our property options can be reserved to include specific views, dimensions, and even luxurious extras like hot tubs and easy beach access. Spacious and stylish, those who book a stay will find plenty of reasons to linger. Whether you’re serving up a home-style dish in a full kitchen on-site that you both love to celebrate, or cozying up to watch a romantic movie, our property options promise to inspire. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our incredible selection of anniversary rentals available across Cocoa Beach. We’ll handle the details of your stay so that when you arrive, you only have to focus on the fun that awaits! Our team is here to make sure you have the luxury and elegance in the place you deserve during your anniversary getaway while also being settled in a home away from home that keeps you close to the places you can’t wait to explore!

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While some people are enamored with the winter weather and outdoor fun, others find endless motivation in looking towards spring break to get out of town and head to warmer shores. If you’re the type of adventurer who can’t wait to embrace the best of sunny days on the sand, amazing time on the water, and easy access to area fun as well, trips to Cocoa Beach, Florida promise to inspire! Here, the shorelines are endlessly inviting while outdoor fun like surfing, exploring beautiful parks, and packing a picnic lunch by the water are all fan favorites. When it’s time to enjoy some well-deserved spring break fun and you’re looking for a sunny experience, consider Cocoa Beach, Florida for an upcoming spring break getaway trip and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime! The following are just a few ideas to enhance your itinerary when travel plans bring you this way.

Visit the Iconic Ron Jon Surf Shop

Embrace the best of that traditional Florida spring break vibe when you make your way to Ron Jon Surf Shop while you’re visiting Cocoa Beach this year. Not only is this hot spot an area icon, but those looking to get out on the sand and waves in style will find everything they’re looking for and more in stock when it comes to top surf and beach gear. Whether you’re on the hunt for board rentals and bikinis or board shorts and accessories, this is the place to find it. Ron Jon Surf Shop has been in business for decades and the location in Cocoa Beach spans an impressive 52,000 square feet of space to explore. Within its colorful and fun parameters, Ron Jon Surf Shop also hosts the Florida Surf Museum where visitors can dive into the history and evolution of surf in the area and around the globe. Before you go, be sure to pick up a Ron Jon T-Shirt. There are also opportunities to enjoy the store’s in-house fish tanks and waterfalls as well!

Savor the Beauty of Nature This Spring

Cocoa Beach is a popular place for spring break visitors to enjoy shopping and dining their way through a stay. That said, it’s also a destination with a ton to offer in the way of immersive experiences in nature! When you’re looking to commune with the great outdoors, start your adventure at Lori Wilson Park. Many visitors head this way to try paddleboarding, enjoy time on the sand, watch shorebirds, or spend some quality time together enjoying a picnic with a view at one of the park pavilions too. In total, the beach park encompasses 32 acres which host everything from palmettos and seagrass to dunes and sea oats just to name a few.

If you’re willing to go for a short drive in the name of unspoiled outdoor beauty, visitors will find a stop at the nearby Canaveral National Seashore well worth their while! This protected and relatively secluded stretch of seashore hugs the Atlantic Ocean and provides a place for a stunning array of flora and fauna to thrive. Whether visitors make the most of nature photography here or come to admire the dunes and lagoons, it’s a place that deserves a place on the spring break must-see list.

Kayak Your Way Through a Cocoa Beach Stay

Spring break is the perfect time of year to spend some time on the water exploring at your very own pace. A great way to do exactly that in Cocoa Beach is to rent a kayak and paddle your way to fun under the sun. Companies like The Waterfront Cocoa Beach, Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach, and Cocoa Kayaking offer half or full-day rental options for those looking to make the most of watery recreation with amazing Cocoa Beach views to top it all off.

Enjoy a Well-Deserved Spa Day

When spring break is your chance to focus on some important self-care, booking a spa day in Cocoa Beach is the best way to achieve it! Those who could benefit greatly from a massage, wrap, exfoliating treatment, or hot stone therapy will find there are plenty of options to choose from. Destinations like Cocoa Beach Spa, Salt Sanctuary, and Cocoa Beach BodyWorks & Spa are a few of the many places to consider when you’re hoping to leave looking and feeling your best.

Enjoy Your Trips to Cocoa Beach, Florida This Spring

Now is the best time to begin planning exciting spring break trips to Cocoa Beach, Florida. Whether you’re coming for a few days or can enjoy an extended spring break stay, having the right accommodations in place can make all the difference. That’s where Stay in Cocoa Beach comes in! Our property options are luxurious, comfortable, and stylish. Guests who book with us can stay near places they can’t wait to explore while enjoying top-notch amenities too. Reach out to learn more and to get started.

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The year-round sun and warm temperatures of Florida’s coastal towns make them an ideal destination for your getaway, no matter what time of year you come. There are several coastal towns to choose from, but surf buffs and space buffs will want to set their sights on Cocoa Beach on Florida’s “Space Coast.” It’s the perfect mix of sand, sun, water, and fun that’s close to Cape Canaveral and even Orlando. There are plenty of things to do and see, right in the surrounding area as well as within a one-hour drive or less. But even beautiful beach towns can get gloomy from time to time. When the rain and gloom hit and spoil your outdoor or beach plans, there are still many Cocoa Beach activities and attractions that can get you out and explore, while also staying warm and dry.

Florida Surf Museum

Formerly the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum, the Florida Surf Museum was founded in 1999 in a small space barely big enough to turn a longboard around! It grew with the help of local volunteers who donated surf magazines, pictures, trophies, and other memorabilia you can still see today at its location at the Ron Jon Surf Shop watersports building. Check out their website and plan your stay around one of the many events it hosts, including surf contests held in the waters off Cocoa Beach.

Escape Cocoa Beach

You came to Cocoa Beach to escape the stress of everyday life, but now you need to escape the rain. Come inside and enjoy one of the country’s most popular indoor activities – rain or shine – and conquer an escape room at Escape Cocoa Beach. Each themed room has a difficulty level. Choose your comfort level or favorite topic, including Bank Heist, Rocket Science, Jail Break, and others.

Spa Day

There are several day spas throughout the Cocoa Beach area. When your day for a relaxing sunbathing and swimming session at the beach turns gloomy, relax your cares away with a treatment like a mani/pedi, facial, body scrub or wrap, and more. You’ll end the day completely relaxed and recharged, and ready for outdoor fun and adventure after the rain clears.


There are plenty of things to do and see during your Cocoa Beach vacation. Many of the Cocoa Beach activities and attractions you visit will have an opportunity to pick up a fun souvenir, but in case you want a little more than a gift shop memento, there is a myriad of boutiques, stores, as well as the Merritt Square Mall where you can browse and stay out of the rain while scoring a unique find to take home.

Cobb Theatres-Merritt Square 16

The rainy weather outside your door is just a slight obstacle to your rental car and plenty of indoor Cocoa Beach fun. Take a rainy day to see one of the newest releases at Cobb Theatre Merritt Square on nearby Merritt Island. Current showings include Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, The Fabelmans, Babylon, and Avatar: The Way of Water, to name a few.

The Dinosaur Store & Museum

The store is home to the Museum of Dinosaurs & Ancient Cultures. The store is the gift store associated with the museum and sells fossils, minerals, meteorites, jewelry, and more. The hall of dinosaurs features exhibits from the Devonian period all the way to the Cretaceous period including fossils, cast skeletons, and true-to-life dinos in their natural habitat. It also includes a mineral cave that boasts minerals and crystals from around the world, and an exhibit about the dawn of man, paleolithic tools, and more. Learn about the ancient cultures of Egypt, China, Mesoamerica, and Tribal Africa, including their customs, art, architecture, and way of life. The Adventure Zone is a hands-on activity area for all ages where you’ll find science stations, free arcade games, the live-animal Reptile Run, and even a Nile River raft ride!

Your Vacation Rental

The rainy weather outside your door may be reason enough to stay in. Don’t worry about packing up the rental car and trying to find a parking spot at your destination or worrying about not having an umbrella. There is plenty to do right at your rental. Entertainment centers have large TVs and all the electronics for a movie night, and many homes have a selection of board games, toys, books, and magazines to while away the time while the rain falls.

Fun Cocoa Beach Activities on a Rainy Day

If you’re looking for fun and activities to occupy yourself on a rainy day, Cocoa Beach has plenty of places to go. You could also watch the rain pattern through the windows of your vacation rental provided by Stay in Cocoa Beach. From a cozy one-bedroom all the way up to a spacious five-bedroom for a larger family or group looking for plenty of Cocoa Beach and Space Coast action. Our kitchens come fully equipped with everything you’ll need to make a delicious home-cooked meal. Stretch out with some popcorn and your favorite show or movie, retreat to a private bedroom for some rest and relaxation at the end of the day, or to take a nap while the rain falls. Choose a premium unit for upgrades like flat-screen TVs, stainless steel appliances, and more.

Call us today to start planning your Cocoa Beach adventure! Be sure to ask about our Merritt Island vacation rentals as well!

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Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us making now the perfect time to begin planning your next romantic getaway to Cocoa Beach, Florida! Whether you’re the type that takes to the sand, or you can’t wait to savor every minute of your getaway enjoying upscale dining, this is a destination that’s made just for you. The following activities and romantic options are just a few of the many that will have you booking your romantic Cocoa Beach Valentines Day escape in no time!

Dine in Style in Cocoa Beach this Valentine’s Day

For many couples heading to Cocoa Beach for a Valentine’s Day getaway, the pinnacle of the romantic journey starts with booking just the right dinner reservations! Fortunately, those spending time here over this holiday will have plenty of options to choose from no matter what type of palate is meant to be pleased. For couples that are looking to enjoy European-inspired fare as well as excellent wine, Valentine’s Day getaway dinner enjoyed at Café Margaux promises to inspire! Located at 220 N. Brevard Avenue, Café Margaux is a wonderful place to delight the tastebuds with refined French dishes of all types. At this inviting eatery, couples can order up everything from filet steak and pork chops to crisp duckling or rack of lamb just to name a few!

Couples that are looking for fine dining in a casual environment this Valentine’s Day will want to opt for a dinner enjoyed at Flavour Kitchen & Wine Bar. Found at 15 N. Orlando Avenue, Flavour Kitchen & Wine Bar is a great place to enjoy freshly caught fare in comfortable surroundings. Dinner options here beyond seafood include flatbread pizzas, NY strip steak, and braised beef short ribs too. Don’t miss out on the impressive wine listings as well as the handcrafted cocktails when you drop by for dinner.

Spend Time Shopping in Downtown Cocoa Beach

If you happen to be a couple that enjoys purchasing gifts for one another, a romantic way to spend a Valentine’s Day in Cocoa Beach is to make the most of downtown shopping. This area is brimming with unique storefronts and boutique stops that are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s matching apparel that brings you together on this romantic holiday, or you can’t wait to buy each other jewelry to commemorate your love, downtown Cocoa Beach is the best place to find it all.

Enjoy Time on the Sand at Lori Wilson Park

The beauty of a trip to Cocoa Beach on Valentine’s Day for many couples is the fact that they can leave all thoughts of seasonal snow and cold far behind. Instead, the focus can remain firmly on the outdoor fun and sun! A great place to customize your romantic Valentine’s Day getaway while you’re here is Lori Wilson Park—especially if you’re excited to spend quality time on the sand. Lori Wilson Park is found at 1500 N. Atlantic Avenue and is home to spectacular stretches of sandy coastline as well as plenty of picnic pavilions for couples to enjoy. Those who are looking to take a scenic stroll will love making their way along the boardwalk which traverses dunes that are photo-worthy at every turn. Couples with a shared passion for wildlife will find Lori Wilson Park to be a place where birding is always a fun option to enjoy. Of course, if you prefer to settle into the sand and simply watch the waves roll in at your own pace, that’s available to couples this Valentine’s Day as well.

Savor a Spa Day

Spending time exploring scenic Cocoa Beach is often a highlight for couples planning on spending Valentine’s Day here together. That said, it’s hard to imagine anything more romantic than some well-deserved pampering! For couples that can’t wait to book a spa day during their stay, Cocoa Beach has plenty of options to choose from. Destinations like Cocoa Beach BodyWorks & Spa, Salt Sanctuary, and Cocoa Beach Spa on Barlow Avenue make it easy for couples to pick a place that offers the services and treatments they’re looking for. Whether it’s a Swedish massage that would make all the difference or you’re looking to enjoy exfoliating treatments, hot stone services, and aromatherapy too, there are places here that speak specifically to your couple’s style!

Enjoy Your Florida Adventure in Style

There’s no reason to wait when you and the one you love most are ready to enjoy a Cocoa Beach Valentines Day getaway. At Stay in Cocoa Beach, we’re proud to provide travelers with access to a wide variety of romantic vacation rentals that meet their needs and exceed their expectations too. Reach out today to learn more about our exciting lineup of property options and to start planning your February adventure!