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The Space Coast, so named due to the influence of the Kennedy Space Center, is comprised of idyllic towns both large and small, with each town offering something that makes it stand out from the others. All share the same tropical landscape, close access to the white sand beaches, and of course, the beautiful weather we share year-round, and in most of these towns, beautiful and comfortable vacation homes and condos are provided by Stay In Cocoa Beach. Today, we want to take a bit of your time to introduce you to the charming seaside town of Melbourne Beach, home to over 3000 full time residents, and offering an exciting vacation experience, with this ultimate guide to Melbourne Beach activities and everything you will see, taste, and experience during your Space Coast adventures in Florida.

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A Taste of the Town

When you think about some of your favorite vacations, chances are the food you enjoyed shares equal billing with the adventures you experienced and the sites you visited, so it only seems logical to start this guide with a taste tour of some of our favorite Melbourne Beach restaurants. Offering good eats, good company, and excellent service, you will want to enjoy a variety of meals at the places listed below, even as you choose to save a little money and eat some meals that you have prepared yourself in our Stay In Cocoa Beach fully equipped kitchens.

Sand on the Beach, 1005 Atlantic Street

Dining out can be the most expensive part of your Florida getaway, but Sand on the Beach, located just steps away from the sea, offers a first-class dining experience that costs less, doing its part to ensure that your budget stays in check. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is no better way to start your day than with a hearty breakfast enjoyed on its deck overlooking the beach. Try their wicked bowl and discover that grits can be enjoyable, especially when served cheesy style with shrimp, a spicy wicked sauce, and a fried egg!

Try pizza in Melbourne Beach

Oceanside Pizza, 300 Ocean Avenue

When lunchtime rolls around, you can always go back to Sand on the Beach for a Lobster Reuben (highly recommended) or you can try some of the handmade pies made at Oceanside Pizza, while still staying on a budget. Their dough is handmade on site, sold by the slice or by the entire pie. Also serving subs, wraps, strombolis, and your favorite Italian classics, hungry diners always leave feeling absolutely sated and because their prices are more than reasonable, we suggest you save room for one of their specialty desserts, all of which are rich and delicious! (Try the cannoli) And for those of you staying in our Cocoa Beach escapes, they are planning on opening a Cocoa Beach location soon, so you won’t have to travel as far.

Ocean 302, 302 Ocean Avenue

Farm-to-table makes moms happy, and this charming restaurant offers sea to table goodies as well. Every bite will be your favorite and we suggest trying their seafood dishes here, even if you have never really been a fan of the food. Seafood in Florida hits differently, tasting fresh and sweet, and the chefs of Ocean 302 work magic with their ingredients, often turning unsuspecting carnivores into die hard seafood fans. Their menus change seasonally, and they also feature many land lubbers’ favorites, ensuring that there is a dish for everyone in your traveling group.

Family Fun in Melbourne Beach

The family vacation has evolved over the decades and in today’s world, we truly care that everyone in our families, from the youngest to the oldest, gets to enjoy a vacation they will never forget and the quiet charms of Melbourne Beach makes our town an idyllic family vacation destination spot. For those who are visiting this part of the world for the first time, however, it may be difficult to figure out exactly what you can do while staying here, so we have listed a few of our favorite family activities below.

A family enjoying the beach

Juan Ponce de Leon Landing, 4005 Florida A1A 

The assumption that Juan Ponce de Leon landed in St. Augustine in 1513 seeking the Fountain of Youth has long been the accepted one, but the truth is he neither landed there nor was he seeking that fountain. After much research, it has been determined that he first landed at Melbourne Beach, seeking the opportunity to colonize America, and this park is where it is suspected he took his first steps on American soil. (Although it wasn’t called that at the time, obviously.) Today, a small beach park commemorates de Leon’s travels, offering picnic tables, a statue of the man himself, and a stretch of white sand beaches that is perfect for building sandcastles and swimming in the clear waters. Parents are always looking for opportunities to make learning fun and a visit to this park can be both entertaining and educational.

Barrier Island Sanctuary, 8385 S Highway A1A

The beauty of Florida’s natural landscape, the serenity of the sea, and the opportunity to take part in a guided Sea Turtle walk during the months of June and July makes the Barrier Island Sanctuary another popular destination to add to your vacation itinerary. Sea Turtles are an endangered species and the best way to save them is with education and as you explore the areas where the mama sea turtles lay their eggs, you will learn all the ways humans have become the turtles’ biggest enemies, and for your smaller explorers, this may be the start of a new interest.

Melbourne Beach, Spessard Holland North Beach Park, and Avenue B Beach

The beaches of Melbourne Beach deserve to be explored thoroughly and we can’t think of a better way to spend a day with the family than at the beach. White sands will feel soft beneath bare toes, blue waters are guaranteed to be clear and warm, and whether you are relaxing on beach chairs with ear buds in and refreshing beverage in hand or are frolicking in those waters, your beach days are the ones that you will remember happily for years to come. Not as crowded as those closer to the big cities of Cocoa Beach or even nearby Melbourne, these beaches are destined to bring you joy and serenity as you play and bask in the rays of the sun.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

It has become a vacation tradition to visit the shops in the area you have traveled to, picking up souvenirs to remind you of your adventures as well as gifts for the ones you left back home, watching your pets, watering your plants, and gathering your mail. Visiting any tourist destination you are sure to find some cool spots to explore and no place is that truer than right here in Melbourne Beach. We aren’t a town to visit if you want to find couture clothing and designer accessories, but if you want to add to your beach accessories, need some fun souvenirs, or need to purchase some gear for your fishing expeditions, these shops will provide everything you need.

Shopping for clothing

Catalyst, 209 Ocean Avenue

There is nothing worse than arriving at your vacation destination and discovering that you forgot the bottoms to your bikini, but a quick stop at Catalyst will soon set you right again. Offering everything from beachwear to surfboards, this is where you will find the perfect pair of flip flops, the best selection of sunscreen, and the cutest sunglasses. Design a custom surfboard that will wow your friends back home, check out their selection of colorful surfboards and find that sundress that will make your hubs eyes bulge out of his head; finding that perfect accessory to summer is easy at Catalyst.

Nautical Collections Shells & Gifts, 405 Ocean Avenue

When in need of the perfect sea-themed gift for yourself or others there is no better place to shop in Melbourne Beach than at Nautical Collections Shells & Gifts. Serving as a celebration of the salt life, they sell signs, ornaments, jewelry, windchimes, and more, all designed to bring back wonderful memories of your days at the beach as well as reminding your friends back home that yes, you have earned the title “Gift Giver Extraordinaire!” Everything in this shop is sea themed and if you have ever wanted to own sand dollar earrings, a shark tooth necklace, or even a peacock pendant inlaid with abalone, Nautical Collections delivers. Their sea turtle magnet will remind you of the sea turtle walk you experienced at the Barrier Island Sanctuary and the picture frames inlaid with seashells will offer the perfect spot to hold the family picture you took in front of the sea oats at Avenue B Beach.

Black Dog Bait and Tackle, 207 Ocean Avenue

Some people dream of big cities, Broadway performances, and Michelin Star restaurants and other people, the ones who make their way to Melbourne Beach for a family vacation, dream of spending hours with pole in hand and beer in coolers and if you are in the latter category, we are pretty sure you will end up at Black Dog Bait and Tackle at least once during your escape to Florida. Offering everything you need to catch that night’s dinner, plus contacts for local fishing guides, your favorite fisher person’s dreams will come true with just a quick stop at Black Dog.

Nearby Attractions

Up to this point we have kept you inside the city limits of Melbourne Beach, showing you the places that are destined to be fun and delicious, but there are many more places to explore in the area, all within a short drive of your Stay In Cocoa Beach sanctuary and place listed below is guaranteed to open your eyes to possibilities you never dreamed could come true.

Kennedy Space Center Complex, Space Commerce Way on Merritt Island 

Although NASA got its start in Washington DC, its home has always been right here on Merritt Island, offering the opportunity to explore the final frontier to people from all over the world. We’ve talked about this exciting place many times before, so we are keeping this description brief, just urging you to be sure to make the time to spend a day with your head turned to the stars and planets.

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Our Stay In Cocoa Beach Melbourne Beach Havens

As we reach the end of our tour of Melbourne Beach, we would be remiss if we didn’t take a few minutes to discuss the wonders found in our Stay In Cocoa Beach Florida havens. Offering all the comforts of home and the modern conveniences you crave, our Melbourne Beach escapes, unlike most of our Cocoa Beach vacation rentals, are generally stand-alone homes. Providing room for families to call their own, fully equipped kitchens and a host of amenities that will add excitement and relaxation to your getaway, most will also offer private pools that will make you want to stay home at least a few times during your stay and if you have never taken a midnight dip, now is the time to remedy that situation.

Serving as the perfect hangout spots on the days you don’t want to venture far from home, bubbling hot tubs may also be located in the backyard oasis where some of your coolest memories will be created. Our homes are designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience and we work hard to ensure that every guest who resides within feels welcome and treasured. Spend your days exploring all that Melbourne Beach has to offer and come home every night of your stay to the most comfortable spots in Florida. Reach out to us and reserve your favorite Melbourne Beach vacation rental today!