You do not need any valid reason to travel. When the options are as exciting and varied as beaches, mountains, forests, and happening man-made wonders, all you have to do is think about your next dream destination. To help you on that front, we are excited to tell you about the picturesque spots at Cocoa Beach. Enjoy the blue waters, clear ocean, surf breaks, gourmet delicacies, exciting cocktails, water sports, and much more at this gorgeous picture-perfect vacation destination. Choose a comfortable, safe, relaxing vacation rental from us at Stay in Cocoa Beach and you are all set to make it a memorable trip for a lifetime. We are delighted to offer a wide range of vacation rental properties with convenient amenities and features for your stay.

From pet-friendly rentals to oceanfront rentals, fully equipped condos to beachfront resorts, you can find many options for your next vacation. While our vacation rental options can take care of your accommodation, the vibrant food scene in this beach town can attend to your taste buds. There are some incredible restaurants and food joints where you can sample local delicacies and mouthwatering meals. You can pamper yourself with appetizing meals inspired by local flavors and culture.

Pompano Grill

Relish an appetizing selection of fresh fish and seafood delicacies at this famous family-owned local restaurant. Enjoy scrumptious preparation of locally caught fresh fish with signature recipes and chef-special twists that will give a satisfying experience for your party. Variety is the key highlight of this establishment as you can savor everything from fish, seafood, steak, chicken, vegetarian, and pasta dishes too. There is something for every foodie as this local restaurant is all about customer satisfaction and happiness. The restaurant is well known for offering exotic dishes from a variety of cuisines. Whether you are eager to sample American, seafood, contemporary, or fusion, you can opt for either of these cuisines for a perfect dining experience.

The Tiny Turtle

Enjoy your meal at this family-friendly local restaurant, while admiring the beach vibes of Cocoa Beach. Famous for offering authentic and traditional Caribbean cuisine, you can relish many gourmet options with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The Tiny Turtle is also well known for offering fusion dishes by bringing traditional flavors with a modern twist. This vegetarian and vegan-friendly spot has many delicious vegetarian choices without compromising the taste, quality, or presentation. From delicious tacos to fulfilling sandwiches, hearty bowls to gourmet wraps, this place definitely has it all. The sofrito nachos, sofrito bowl, and sofrito burrito are clearly some of the popular items here that will tempt you to try some more.

Beachside Grill & Deli

Both the beach and the Beachside Grill & Deli eagerly wait for you to enjoy some relaxing vibes and mouthwatering meals. This local deli is a celebrated spot among locals and tourists for its range of gourmet American dishes. You can find fresh, delicious, and high-quality meals to work magic on your stomach and taste buds before you go to enjoy the numerous wonders of Cocoa beach. From mouthwatering sandwiches with a variety of fillings to nutritious salads with a delicious touch, gourmet chicken varieties to traditional fish and chips, the list of options continues to surprise and fascinate the visitors.

Fat Kahuna’s Beach Side Grille

Pick this spot for a relaxing meal and you will leave with a memorable experience with unforgettable memories. You can enjoy gourmet dishes in a tropical setting against the backdrop of the picturesque beach. If you look at the list of cuisines and popular dishes, you will definitely confuse yourself with the long list of exciting options. It has incredible steaks, fresh seafood, grilled dishes, contemporary flavors, fusion options, and much more. The list does not stop at food alone. You can also enjoy a wide range of unique cocktails and tempting drinks at the well-stocked bar. Inspired by the Hawaiian landscape, you can experience the island culture, décor, ambiance, and appetizing food all under one roof.

Florida’s Fresh Grill

The name says it all. You can expect the freshest ingredients, local varieties, and mouthwatering steak at one of the popular local restaurants in Cocoa Beach. Visitors cannot stop raving about the gourmet wonders crafted by master chefs. Every item is cooked to perfection with a focus on freshness and quality. Besides steak, you can sample popular options like clam chowder, Chilean sea bass, crab tower, crab cake, and a variety of salads. There are exotic items like lobster bisque, scallop, scrimp that will tempt you to visit multiple times whenever possible.

While these are just a few options of the local restaurants in Cocoa Beach, there are many more gourmet options spread over the entire beach town. You can relish local seafood to your heart’s content, without leaving the beach at the oceanfront food joints. As a popular tourist destination on Florida’s Space coast, it has fun activities for every age group. If you are ready to book your next family vacation, contact us today at Stay in Cocoa Beach. Find the perfect accommodation for your family and friends at our vacation rentals. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to improve the experience and stay updated for our beloved customers.