If you visit a vacation spot with a picturesque landscape and breathtaking views, you can return back with loads of fantastic memories. A unique combination of a relaxing and beautiful vacation is the sure way to accomplish a successful trip. This is how you will feel when you visit Cocoa Beach in Florida. With clear blue water, soft sand, gorgeous views, beach-perfect weather, and lots of fun activities, you will definitely want to extend your stay. You can get the most of your trip by ensuring safe and comfortable accommodation. After a long day of exploration and fun, you must choose an excellent place with a good ambiance before heading for the next adventure. Make this happen by booking an incredible vacation rental at Stay in Cocoa Beach.

Here, you can find a variety of high-quality and fully furnished vacation rental properties. From luxurious resorts to oceanfront condos, we have many exciting vacation rentals at Stay in Cocoa Beach. Stay close to all the action as our properties are situated near the major attractions. You can enjoy peace of mind at our accommodation that has all the amenities and facilities for your convenience.

Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park

Enjoy breathtaking views of Cocoa Beach at the Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park. The beachfront park is an exciting spot to spend a relaxing time with family and friends. You can use the park amenities such as picnic tables, restrooms, water showers, and play areas. There is a lot of soft sand to enjoy a rejuvenating stroll along the shore. You can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas for a complete fun experience. The park has walking paths to explore the entire area without missing out on the fun.

Helen & Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary

As part of Florida’s Environmentally Endangered Lands Program, this sanctuary is created with an aim to protect the natural habitat and provide educational and recreational opportunities in the area. It has a 140-acre area with a variety of wildlife species, exhibiting and preserving the flora and fauna of Cocoa Beach. You can admire the gorgeous view of natural wonders in their natural form by walking along a mile-long trail. There are numerous raptors in the area. Besides, you can observe oak trees, freshwater marshes, and sand pine scrub in the sanctuary.

Lori Wilson Park

Enjoy a stroll amidst natural wonders at Lori Wilson Park. Located in the south of Cocoa Beach Pier, it offers gorgeous views of the beach. You can admire a wonderful sunset or go for a relaxing morning walk. The park has an elevated natural trail that cuts through the forest. There are varieties of birds in the vicinity. Take advantage of the spacious park for exciting fun activities. It also features a playground, picnic tables, restrooms, changing areas, barbeque grills, a dog park, and vending machines. This regional beachside park is clearly one of the favorite spots for locals and visitors.

Alan Shepard Park

Another oceanfront park that allows you to enjoy nature is Alan Shepard Park. Located along the beach, it is a fun attraction for every age group. It is spread over five acres and offers a picturesque beach for picture-perfect moments. Located on the Florida space coast, Cocoa Beach is a good spot to witness space launches. Alan Shepard Park is one such perfect place to watch the launches from the Cape Canaveral center. The park has all the necessary amenities for a full-day picnic. You will find picnic tables, barbeque grills, water showers, restrooms, and changing stations inside the park.

Cocoa Beach Pier

One of the best popular spots in Cocoa Beach is the Cocoa Beach Pier. You can walk on the pier and admire the mesmerizing shades of the water. It gives a close view of the Atlantic Ocean where you can catch captivating views of the sunset, sunrise, and everything in between. You can enjoy activities such as surfing, fishing, watersports, beach volleyball, and much more. The pier also has many gourmet food joints for relishing fresh seafood. There are many restaurants, shops, rental stores, and happening bars on the Pier. You can also catch a live entertainment event at this cultural and entertainment hot spot of Cocoa Beach.

Plan your next vacation at this picturesque beach town that has so many spots. You can pick from a long list of activities and attractions. Whether you look forward to spending your time on the beach or participating in fun water sports, there are plenty of options for the entire family. Cocoa Beach also has great options for kayaking, fishing, surfing, and swimming. When you are ready to book your vacation, contact us at Stay in Cocoa Beach. We can tell you more about the different vacation rentals. It is easy to book your stay at any of our convenient and comfortable accommodation options. Feel free to give us a call and know more about the right choice for your group. You can also check out the photos and descriptions of the properties to get a clear idea.