When you are ready to book a vacation, you must check out the different options with the right mix of activities. It is necessary to find a destination that has something for everyone. If you can find plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for the entire group, you can plan an itinerary accordingly. One such destination that can allow you to have a great time with family and friends is Cocoa Beach in Florida. Located on the Space Coast, this popular destination is perfect for adventures like surfing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, paddle boating, and much more. Cocoa Beach has a long coastline with pristine white beaches where you can relax and spend a nice day. You can walk on the historic Cocoa Beach Pier and enjoy gourmet food at the restaurants and food joints. There are plenty of reasons to head out to the gorgeous Cocoa Beach. Lots of fun and excitement awaits at the picturesque destination, check out our Cocoa Beach travel guide.

Reasons for a Trip to Cocoa Beach

One of the top reasons to visit Cocoa Beach is the magical beach itself. You can enjoy the soft sand, sunshine, and warm ocean water when you visit the beach. It is perfect for surfing and hence it is rightly called the surfing capital of the east coast. You can learn the skill of surfing by enrolling in any of the surfing lessons available at the beach. Some other exciting activities include paddle boating and kite surfing. You can watch dolphins, manatees, and numerous diving birds in the ocean. The next attraction that deserves a special mention is the historic Westgate Cocoa Beach pier. You can walk along the pier and enjoy the incredible view of sunset, ocean, birds, and waves. The pier has a long line of gourmet restaurants, casual food joints, bars, and cafes. It is a great spot to savor some fresh local seafood. You can also enjoy shopping at the local shops and souvenir stores on your Cocoa Beach vacation.

There are many options for guided Eco tours where you can spend some time in nature and have a unique experience on your Cocoa Beach vacation. For example, you can opt for a dinoflagellate bioluminescence kayak tour to see the unique phenomenon of bioluminescence in the water. Another popular tour is the sunset bird tour at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. You can also opt for guided kayak and paddleboat tours to see manatees, dolphins, migratory birds, and other native animals on the Indian River. Spend a relaxing day at the different nature preserves and beachfront parks. The Alan Shephard Beachfront Park has play areas, volleyball courts, and picnic tables for a fun experience. You can also visit Lori Wilson Park for enjoying a walk along the beach. You can enjoy walking, bird watching, playing, and biking. Cocoa Beach offers some of the best rocket launch viewing spots on the space coast. You can see the rockets launched from the Cape Canaveral station.

Book Your Cocoa Beach Journey

We hope our Cocoa Beach travel guide helped you learn all about the excitement of the area! With so many fun activities and adventures at Cocoa Beach, you can enjoy a unique trip with your loved ones. Whether you are heading to Cocoa Beach for a romantic getaway or a trip with family and friends, you can check out vacation rental options at Stay in Cocoa Beach. We have great vacation rental homes with all the amenities and facilities. Contact our team for your next vacation rental and enjoy a great trip to one of the most breathtaking spots in Florida.