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We talk a lot about our Stay In Cocoa Beach spacious condos, generally offering ringside seats to the sea and providing a beautiful alternative to renting a sterile hotel room, but today we want to offer a peek into our Space Coast and Cocoa Beach vacation homes. These vacation homes in Cocoa Beach, FL, offering all the comforts of home as well as the modern conveniences travelers seek, and as you, your family, and your friends begin to spread out and explore their roominess, comfort, and style, the relaxation will begin. This guide to our family homes located in the heart of Cocoa Beach and along the Space Coast is designed to give travelers a glimpse into what a comfortable and exciting vacation should look like!

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Welcome to Your Home Sweet Vacation Home 

A vacation can be absolutely fantastic, even if the space you choose to stay in is less than stellar, but why should you even consider renting something less? You are a hardworking traveler and have reached a stage in your life where you are unwilling to accept less than you deserve, which is what brought you to our Stay In Cocoa Beach homes in the first place. Each home will welcome every guest who walks in the front door, surrounding them with comfort, luxury, and those style items that remind you this is Florida and your vacation in paradise will be different than any other you have experienced before. So open that front door and be prepared to rest, relax, and recharge in a space you will soon come to think of as home.

Laidback and Carefree

The Florida lifestyle is a laidback one that is reflected in the décor of our homes. Floors of tile or wood lead the way to rooms filled with comfortable furnishings, state-of-the-art televisions, and often, beachy décor. Follow the path these floors create to the first room on our tour, the living room that is designed to be lived in. The sofas will be large and plush, sturdy enough to handle the purpose they have been built for and soft enough to encourage impromptu naps and extending reading sessions. Light streams through the windows adding a brightness to each room that is especially appreciated by travelers flying in from the colder states in the winter months, and even as the forecast may be calling for rain, we can promise that in most cases the rain will be quickly followed by more Florida sunshine.

Families and Friends Gather Here

Every vacation is different, and whether you are traveling with your family, your friends, or even your office mates for a work retreat, the dining rooms of our Stay In Cocoa Beach homes are where you all will gather. Anchored by large tables surrounded by enough seats for every seat in your traveling party, these rooms will witness competitive board game nights, lame dad jokes, and may also serve as a temporary office space when work isn’t completely allowed to be left behind. Free Wi-Fi ensures that virtual meetings will be glitch free, and uploads of thousands of vacation pics will be done in an instant.

The Heart of the Home

The natural progression of your peek into your future home away from home takes us to the kitchens next, spaces that are bright, cheerful, and the heart of the home. Fully equipped with everything you need to create a meal (minus the food) these rooms are spacious enough for more than one cook to work together and often will be furnished with breakfast bars or center islands where guests can sit and chat with the cook of the day, enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning, or devour a snack in the middle of the night with only the light from the microwave keeping the dark at bay. Choose to create every meal at home or intersperse restaurant outings with home cooked meals and enjoy how little pressure you put on your vacation budget.

The Fun Begins Now

Pools are popular in Florida, and when you walk out the back door of a majority of our Stay In Cocoa Beach homes, you will find a crystal-clear body of water just waiting to be enjoyed by all the members of your traveling party. Hot tubs may be another amenity offered, and barbecue grills are generally always found in these outdoor spaces, offering another way to create a meal without being held hostage in the kitchen. And even as these homes are located close to our state’s beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters, there is still something special about diving into cool blue waters on a hot summer’s day, floating face up so as to see the sun and blue sky, and forgetting any troubles you may have been worrying about just minutes before. Also found in most homes will be a beach closet, stuffed full of all the gear you need for a day of frolicking in the surf, because who wants to lug umbrellas, coolers, and beach chairs across the miles?

The Details Matter

Could you still enjoy a vacation home that might not offer a wine corkscrew in the kitchen drawer, a washer and dryer that allows travelers to pack light and save room for souvenirs, or even an extra pillow tucked up on a shelf in the large master closet for those who like a more substantial headrest? Absolutely, you could, but why should you when our Stay In Cocoa Beach homes offer all of the above and so much more? Traveling with children? A pack n’ play may be found in the closet. Forgot your travel-sized shampoo and conditioner? Complimentary toiletries are lined up on the counter of the bathroom or may be in the shower, ensuring that you won’t have to rush right out on a boring shopping spree. These details, both the large ones and the small ones, are as important to the success of your vacation experience as your choice of destination, and we are happy to provide them for you.

The Soft Place to Land

As you fill your vacation days with visits to the Kennedy Space Center, the beach, and all the other variety of attractions you are interested in experiencing, exhaustion may become a close companion at the end of the day, and our bedrooms are the soft place waiting for you each night. King beds in primary suites, guest rooms centered by bunk beds, and televisions in most every room will ensure that these rooms are your favorite. Primary suites may include en suite baths, sitting areas where coffee will be enjoyed every morning, or access to private patios where guests may sit and raise a toast to the Florida sunset every evening. Your children’s rooms will be filled with loud whispers, uncontrollable bursts of laughter, and all the sounds of siblings, cousins, or friends, building bonds that will last a lifetime.

Choose One of Our Vacation Homes in Cocoa Beach, FL Today

We make it our top priority to ensure that your vacation is filled with fun, comfort, relaxation, and all the little luxuries that make vacation life special. Reserve your favorite escape today and discover the Stay In Cocoa Beach difference!