Nothing can match the fun of a fun-filled trip to the beach. When you get an opportunity to spend some time on a beach, you can plan an exciting vacation with lots of fun activities. One such beach destination that has something for everyone is Cocoa Beach. Situated in the gorgeous sunny state of Florida, this spot is an exciting place for a vacation with family and friends. In between enjoying the many Cocoa Beach activities this area has to offer, you can spend time in a comfortable and spacious beachfront home to make the most of the experience. At Stay in Cocoa Beach, we can offer some incredible vacation rentals. Take advantage of an open-floor concept, multiple rooms, fully furnished bedrooms, and a well-equipped kitchen.


While planning an itinerary, you cannot run out of options as there is so much to do and explore. Some of the popular activities include surfing and fishing. Cocoa Beach is considered as a hotspot for surfing as the waves are perfect for the experience. There are many surfing rental spots where you can rent surfing gear. You can also opt for a surfing lesson from an expert. Another fun activity is fishing where you can do both fresh water and seawater fishing. You can opt for a guided fishing tour on a fishing charter to understand the tricks of the trade. Besides surfing and fishing, you can enjoy nature watching and kayaking tours.