Cocoa Beach is an amazing destination for those that are looking to relax and unwind in style. Between the seemingly endless sun, sand, and surf, there are plenty of options to kick back and savor the finer things in life at every moment. But for every opportunity for tranquility this place offers up, there are just as many options to get out and connect with nature. Cocoa Beach is an oasis of potential for nature-watchers from near and far. Whether you’re looking for birds, alligators, or the variety of fish that live under the waves—Cocoa Beach makes them available in abundance.

Bird Watching

There are a variety of year-round sea birds and seasonal arrivals that call Cocoa Beach their home. For those that love to grab their binoculars and get a closer look, the options are exciting! The combination of sub-tropic and temperate zones appeals to birds of many types, and it’s possible to get a glimpse of everything from the painted bunting and red-cockaded woodpecker to the Florida scrub-jay. In total, the area hosts upwards of 300 species of birds so no matter when you lift your eyes to the skies, you’re likely to have a great encounter.

Alligator Spotting

For many nature watchers, getting up close to an alligator tops their list of must-try activities when they visit this area. When you’re looking to pair adrenaline-pumping fun with options to observe these creatures in their natural habitats, booking an airboat tour is a good way to go. Both the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Johns River are popular exploration destinations for airboat companies which provide a comprehensive look at the ecosystems that give alligators the perfect place to thrive.

Guided Nature Tours

When you can’t pick just one creature to observe and want to see the best of it all, booking a nature tour in Cocoa Beach promises to please. Companies like Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach run both day and nighttime tours for those hoping to experience all of the vibrant activity that happens in the water and skies after the sun goes down too.

A Getaway to Remember

When you’re ready to make the most of a Cocoa Beach adventure, be sure to enjoy a stay that comes complete with the comfortable and luxurious accommodations you deserve as well. Reach out to Stay in Cocoa Beach today to learn more about our direct vacation condos and to begin planning your next trip! Spanish Main winter rentals are just one of many options we have for you, no matter when or where you’re coming!