In a wintry world, the joy found from a summer day can never be overstated, and we at Stay In Cocoa Beach know how lucky we are to live in a place where summer is eternal. We wake every day to warmth, we plan December celebrations on our white sand beaches, and parkas, gloves, and snow boots are foreign words to us. We also know that not everyone is lucky like us, and if your roots are planted in snowy grounds but your dreams are filled with blue seas and the scent of suntan oil, chances are you are planning a vacation over Memorial Day to Cocoa Beach right now, and this guide to celebrating the holiday with us will help those dreams become reality!

Hello Summer

The reasons behind this extra day off are more solemn, and your celebration opportunities will also be able to honor those reasons, but first, it is time to do what you have been waiting for since you first booked your holiday hideaway with Stay In Cocoa Beach: Drop your bags in the room you have chosen for your own, don your swimsuit and flip flops, visit the beach gear closet that is in nearly all our escapes, and make your way to the white sand beaches that have been starring in your dreams! Whether this is your first time visiting the water or even if you have been hundreds of times before, the first moment when you cross the boardwalks or walk across the trail that leads across dunes with sea oats swaying in the breeze and suddenly see the horizon open before you is one that never fail to awe. Take in the sight of sand, sea, and sea birds for a few precious seconds before staking your claim on your own section of paradise and spending the day frolicking, relaxing, and savoring the serenity it provides.

Florida Traditions

As you explore all that makes this part of the world exciting and wonderful, we’d like to take a couple of minutes to discuss a few Florida traditions that will be an important part of your Memorial Day adventures. First, when not at the beach, flip flops and shorts are the uniform of the day, which travelers love because it saves room in their luggage for souvenirs and shells. Secondly, life moves at a slower pace at the beach, and as you meander casually through space centers and aquariums, taking the time to truly examine that space suit worn by heroes or to laugh at the friendly manatee bumping his nose against the glass while appearing to smile, you may notice your blood pressure dropping and the noises in your brain beginning to quiet. The last Florida tradition, however, is the most important, and that is finding a beach bar with sandy floors and views of the sea, something like the Beach Shack located at 1 Minuteman Causeway #2906 in Cocoa Beach, and sipping rum runners on a lazy Saturday afternoon! Beach bars are our favorite tradition, and after this adventure, we think they will become yours as well.

We Love a Parade

The simple pleasures of life are fading from the landscape of America as we find ourselves too busy to take a walk around the neighborhood on a quiet evening after dinner, having too much on our schedule for a picnic in the park on a Saturday afternoon, and, sadly choosing to sleep in (everyone is tired these days) instead of attending a parade, but on Memorial Day in Cocoa Beach, Florida, that is about to change. Cocoa Riverfront Park, 401 Riveredge Boulevard in Cocoa, is the site of this year’s celebration, offering a parade that snakes through Cocoa Village, a guest speaker, a 21-gun salute, even a moment of silence in honor of all those who sacrificed everything so we could continue to enjoy the freedoms we experience today. Also offering live entertainment and a wonderful time for all, we are so proud that in a world that often forgets Memorial Day is not just the unofficial kick-off to summer, we in the Space Coast never will.

The Moments You Will Never Forget for Memorial Day in Cocoa Beach

The moments spent enjoying the comforts of our Stay In Cocoa Beach vacation rentals are ones you’ll never forget. The amenities we offer add an extra sparkle to your celebration, and as you enjoy a family barbecue, spend a day hanging by the pool sipping margaritas, or simply sit out on the balcony of your sea escape, watching the action on the beach below, the realization that you are living your best life may be slightly overwhelming. Reserve your favorite condo today and plan a long holiday weekend filled with comfort, luxury, and serenity that can only be found by the sea.