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There are many occasions in a person’s life that are so special we can’t wait to share them with the people we love the most, and even though a vacation is often only enjoyed with family members, it can be one of those occasions you want to share. College reunions with the friends we thought we would hold close forever, family get-togethers with the cousins we ran mild with in our youth, even destination weddings are popular vacation options, requiring patient travelers and large homes, preferably offering a large number of bathrooms as well as bedrooms. Our Indian Harbour 5-bed vacation rentals may be exactly what you need for your grand vacation in our tropical paradise, and this guide to our vacation rentals in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida will show you exactly what they all provide!

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Space for Many

Obviously, the first thing you will look for in a vacation for as many as 12 travelers is space. You need the room to coexist gracefully with all the different personalities in your group, and space is definitely something our larger homes provide. Multiple seating areas allow multiple families the opportunity to claim their own space or, at the very least, gives the younger travelers a television of their own, enabling them to watch as many cartoons as they like without interfering with the big game or the Hallmark Christmas Movie marathon that is appearing on the big screen in the main living room. Kitchens will be large enough for more than one chef, and as the music plays and your cousin Stan chops veggies for the salad, the laughter will be free flowing and no one’s toes will be stomped on. Dining rooms, offering enough seats for all the seats in your group, provide the perfect spaces for game nights, family meals, and building puzzles on a rainy day. (What is it about puzzles and beach vacations that just seem to go so naturally together?) At night, when the moon is casting its ethereal glow over the seas located not far from your vacation sanctuary, retreating to the cozy quiet and privacy of our tranquil bedrooms will give travelers the ideal separation, ensuring that this escape does not get tense from too much together time.

Hanging Out Can Be Fun

Even as you are spending a lot of your vacation days exploring the sights of Indian Harbour Beach, there will be plenty of moments that will be equally enjoyable without having to leaving the boundaries of the property line. Large backyards may be fenced in for the convenience and safety of your pets, because yes, pets are also permitted in some of our larger homes, and these spaces may also include gas grills, dining tables, and other ways to have a great time. Cornhole games and putting greens are popular here, and when life gets a little warm during your Florida escape to the Space Coast, a community pool is waiting just down the street, ready to cool off everyone in your group. Inside, guests may find fully equipped game rooms with a variety of gaming tables and/or arcade games, and tucked away in closets or garage spaces, all the gear you need for a day at the beach. Chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, and coolers are provided for guests use, negating the need to carry those bulky items with you on your flight across the miles.

The Little Things Add Up

Your vacation home can be the best thing that ever happened to you, or it can be just the opposite, and we at Stay In Cocoa Beach strive to be the former. We understand that the smaller details can be equally impactful and that means that our linens will be soft, remotes for televisions will always be right where they should be, and if our homes fits 12 guests, dishes, silver, and glassware will have enough pieces for at least 12 guests, if not more! Bedroom windows will let in the light while offering curtains, shades, or blinds for pulling closed on those mornings you want to sleep late. Wireless internet will enable virtual meetings while saving valuable data minutes when uploading pics of your adventures to your favorite social media sites. Every detail is the most important, and although you may not notice how soft and fluffy the towels in our bathrooms are, you would notice if they were scratchy and rough.

More to Explore

Like snowflakes and people, every property we offer is different from the others, but all will provide a feeling of home and a sense of welcoming. Step into spaces that come alive when your traveling party walks in for the first time, almost as if the rooms were holding their breath, awaiting your arrival. Some properties may provide not just one laundry room, but two, because 12 people can create lots of dirty clothes. Large numbers of bathrooms will help limit morning traffic jams as everyone tries to get ready at the same time knowing Florida adventures are waiting just beyond the front doors of our 5-bedroom rentals.

Luxuries We Consider Standard

The bedrooms that bring you peace and quiet will also bring you quiet luxuries for which other property management companies might charge extra. Additional seating areas in the primary suites may be utilized as a toddler bed for the tiniest travelers who aren’t quite ready to sleep in a room of their own, or they may be the perfect spot to enjoy coffee in the mornings before the rest of the house awakens. Private access to balconies and terraces may be where sunrises are mooned over and chardonnay toasts are offered to sunsets that set the sky on fire. Firepits in the backyard, deep tubs for soaking in primary baths, and bookshelves and cabinets lined with books, board games, and movies for everyone to use are more ways we ensure that every moment spent with us will be your most favorite moments of all.

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Your Florida adventures are destined to be exciting and fun-filled, and the moments spent inside our sanctuaries will create memories that last a lifetime. Earn bragging rights when you show your cousins that you still have what it takes to win at Space Jam, gather around firepits on a pleasant Indian Harbour evening and reminisce about those long ago days when your hair was plentiful and your waistlines weren’t, and listen to the giggles, whispers, and all-out laughter emitting from the “children’s quarters” where the newest generations of cousins are building bonds that you know, from experience, will last a lifetime. You could enjoy variations of these scenarios in any Florida vacation home, but without the luxury, comfort, and charms that come standard in ours, would your getaway be as wonderful? We don’t think so, and neither will you, especially when you discover that we at Stay In Cocoa Beach don’t consider ourselves successful unless YOU are happy, content, and feeling pampered and spoiled.

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