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A Florida vacation is best enjoyed with a stay at the beach, especially when your journey brings you to Indian Harbour Beach, an area that was developed when the Space Race encouraged so many people to move to the region that housing was at a premium. Formerly known as Dragon Point, named after a sculpture that once resided in the area, Indian Harbour Beach earned its current name from its earliest inhabitants, the Native Americans who once camped in the spot where the Banana River and the Indian River met. Today, this small community is a planned one, something that is rare from the time period in which it was constructed, and as you may have expected, it is home to some of our finest Stay In Cocoa Beach homes! Offering the laid-back lifestyle that Floridians have perfected and prime viewing locations for space voyages that occur in the area, this guide to our Indian Harbour vacation homes will help build the anticipation for a journey that will not let you down!

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Step into Sunlight

The sunshine state may have its gray and rainy days, but the sun is always shining in our Stay In Cocoa Beach vacation escapes. Often offering a Mediterranean style that brings up images of peace and warmth, the pastel colors of their stucco exteriors will remind guests that they are not in a community in Greece or Italy but are firmly ensconced in the heart of Florida. Open the doors to your fabulous Indian Harbour Beach, Florida vacation, following the paths of tiled floors into rooms filled with light and joy, dropping your suitcase at the door for these early moments of discovery. The living rooms in our Indian Harbour Beach townhomes are spacious ones filled with comfortable furnishings, modern conveniences, and the reminder that the beaches you seek are located just beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows that help keep the rooms bright! Watch state-of-the-art televisions on vacation days, leaving windows open for the therapeutic whiffs of salt air, or read quietly on overstuffed chairs as the skies open up outside, dropping fresh rain on the verdant landscape you will soon grow to love. Dining rooms provide the ideal spaces for family meals or for competitive games of Monopoly, with the latter involving none of the chores that go along with the creation of a family dinner. If you like to cook, however, or if you prefer to ease the strain of a vacation budget by eating at home as often as possible, our fully equipped kitchens are cheerful rooms filled with top-grade appliances, large countertops, and custom cabinets, usually painted a crisp white, but occasionally adding color to the space with wood stains!

Entertainment Matters

For an Indian Harbour Beach, Florida vacation home to truly provide everything you need for your vacation, entertainment options are important, and starting with the backyards, our homes will give travelers all they need to have fun! The backyard areas of our townhomes may serve as a surprise to those expecting something smaller, with some offering paved backyards, firepits, or bubbling hot tubs for your soaking pleasures. Our seaside models may provide private balconies lined with seating options, allowing guests to spend as much time outside soaking in salt air and sea views and wishing they never had to return to real life! Gas grills can make the fish you caught on a morning fishing charter taste especially wonderful, and outdoor dining spots can allow for sunset meals on beautiful days. The community pool attached to our Indian Harbour Beach abodes will give you alternate ways to enjoy a sunny day, especially when the salt water of the sea gets a little too rough and crazy. Game rooms with foosball or shuffleboard tables add fun to your getaway, and the closets of our escapes may bring a happy surprise: beach gear that is meant to be used by occupants. Load up wagons with big wheels, toss in beach umbrellas, towels, and chairs, and head off to the beaches that are located just minutes away for a day of fun and frolic under the Florida sun!

Sleep Well in Our Indian Harbour Vacation Homes

After a long day spent exploring all this region of Florida has to offer, you may be eager to test out the sleeping spaces of our beautiful homes, and we can assure you, they do not disappoint! Spacious and offering neutral decors that won’t interfere with your sleep patterns, they are anchored by premium beds topped with the softest of linens, where your happiest dreams will occur. Fall asleep watching your favorite television shows or stay up late reading as many chapters as you like, knowing no alarm clock will awaken you with its harsh noises. Wide windows will keep these spaces bright when you want them to be, but can be darkened simply by pulling curtains, blinds, or shades tightly closed for those mornings you know you will want to sleep in late, especially if giggles and whispers coming from the “children’s” room down the hall kept you up later than you planned! Bunk rooms will be cheerful spaces for the tiniest travelers, helping keep the night frights away, and if you awaken in the middle of the night with a tiny body sleeping next to you, is it such a bad thing? These days pass by so quickly, you will soon miss their tiny hands, chirpy voices, and the way they often manage to kick you in the kidneys during restless nights spent in their parents’ beds!

More to Love

If you have ever stayed in a hotel or a vacation property in which the owners apparently cared more about the money they were bringing in than the comforts of their guests, you and your family will appreciate all the ways we at Stay In Cocoa Beach spoil and pamper our guests. Open the drawers and find a wine opener for that bottle you purchased during your stop in Corked 1080 earlier in your visit, and if you packed light, (purposely or on accident) fully equipped laundry rooms or laundry closets can save the day! There aren’t any heavy tube TVs in our living rooms or bedrooms, and bathrooms may provide steam showers, soaking tubs, or multiple showerheads from which the spray will hit all the tight muscles in your back. Larger bedrooms may feature small seating areas for enjoying cups of coffee in the mornings, and bookshelves may be lined with books, games, or movies to watch on a rainy night. Sofas will be comfortable, inviting lethargy and long naps on lazy days, beds will make you feel as if you are sleeping on clouds, and locations close to the top attractions in Indian Harbour Beach will ensure that more time will be spent playing and less time will be spent commuting from activity!

Every Adventure Will Be Your Favorite

However you choose to spend your days in Indian Harbour Beach, (FYI, the Kennedy Space Center Visitors complex is less than 40 miles away from this idyllic community!) coming home every night to the comforts, luxuries, and amenities offered in our Stay In Cocoa Beach vacation sanctuaries will be the high point of your day. Reserve your favorite escape today!