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The beauty of a week vacation in Florida in Indian Harbour is having all that time to play, relax, and of course, enjoy the comforts and luxuries found in your Stay In Cocoa Beach Indian Harbour sanctuary. And the worrisome part is having all that time on your hands, but no idea on how to fill in the minutes! Fortunately, you have friends in all the right places and today, we would like to help you plan a seven-day itinerary, offering ideas that you can mix and mingle, or nix all together, because at the end of the day, this week in paradise is all about you, your wants, and your vacation needs!

View of the Outdoor Pool Bedroom with a viewOutdoor Furniture Set

Day 1: Getting Comfortable

Your first day of any vacation is one filled with excitement and anticipation, but rarely offers enough remaining hours to explore any one adventure in depth, but that’s ok. The Florida lifestyle is a carefree vibe, one meant to be enjoyed at a slower pace, knowing there is always time tomorrow to do the things you missed out on today. So today, on this first partial day in Indian Harbour, we aren’t going to suggest an itinerary planned out to the minute, but we are going to give some delicious options, listed in not particular order, starting with an exploration of your home away from home. Choose your bedroom, check out the views from the patio, pinching yourself when you realize that the roaring of the sea will be your musical accompaniment for the next week, and maybe even sink into the depths of our super comfortable sofas, picking up the remote to the state-of-the-art television and clicking through the channels in idle curiosity.

First Steps on Day 1

First and foremost, this is a beach vacation, and when it is time to stroll out that door, your first steps should take you straight to the white sands and turquoise waters of the closest beach. (Bicentennial Park Beach, perhaps?) And if these steps happen to take place at sunset, all the better! Holding your flip flops in hand (a Florida vacationer will rarely find a need for any more substantial shoes, and flip flops are practically the state shoe!) feeling the soft sands tickle your toes as the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean ebb and flow around your ankles, and watching the sky revolve through the phases of a fiery and colorful sunset is destined to be one of the top pleasures in your life.

And when the sun sets and that vast sky turns a velvety black dotted with the twinkling of a billion stars you may find yourself believing in bigger things. If you haven’t dined as of yet, a giant pizza enjoyed at Mimmos Pizza & Ristorante, 1600 S Wickham Road in Melbourne, will make a beautiful welcoming meal.

Day 2: The Adventures Begin

Today may be day two, but it is your first full day in town, and many wonderful adventures are awaiting you—but first, breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, giving you strength to play hard, and there are many exciting restaurants in Indian Harbour Beach serving your favorite morning meals, but today we recommend a visit to the Scrambled Egg Café, located at 727 Pine Tree Drive. Their specialty is, of course, their Scramblers, but they also serve the best eggs benedicts in town, so if hollandaise makes you happy, you will be more than satisfied. After the last crumb has been devoured it is time to make your way into our Florida streets for a day of fun, perhaps starting with a day at the beach?

Beach Day

You’ve come all this way to see the sea, so why not spend today exploring all the ways the sea can make you smile? Swimming, surfing, body boarding, even building sandcastles at water’s edge with your tiniest travelers will be exciting and fun and many, if not most of our Stay In Cocoa Beach escapes, offer a selection of beach gear for your use during your stay. And when the sun begins to set and the family is ready to head out for a hearty meal, sampling the seafood at Hula Moon Tiki Grill, 1900 Florida A1A, will provide the perfect way to end a beautiful day in Indian Harbour Beach.

Day 3: Who Knew How Much Fun Could Be Had on Vacation?

Day three is the perfect day to visit a few of the local sites, and since you may be a little tired after your beach day yesterday, you will want to whip together a little breakfast in our fully equipped kitchen. Cereal, donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispie Kreme, it doesn’t have to be fancy, just good, or if food is important to you, a foodie’s tour of the region could be just what this day needs!

Village Food Tours offers a variety of food tours in Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and Melbourne, all towns located within minutes of your Indian Harbour Beach vacation sanctuary. Each tour lasts about two hours and samples the best of four local restaurants, with prices ranging between $78 and $88 dollars per person, and when you are through, we don’t think anyone will judge you for heading back to your vacation home for a nap and a quick change into your stretchy pants! Who knows? Maybe you will spend the rest of day three exploring the community amenities of your home sweet vacation home?

Day 4: A Day for the Sights

After your delicious and relaxing day three, today, halfway through your trip, is the perfect time to visit some of the local sightseeing attractions, taking the time to really get to know Indian Harbour Beach and the towns that surround it. Enjoy an international lunch at Niki’s Rainbow Restaurant, 570 Florida A1A in Satellite Beach, serving up a complex blend of Greek and American favorites, sandwiching the visit between local adventures.

See where the space race began with a visit to Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island. There is a lot to see and do at this fantastic spot, so you might want to set the entire day aside.

Visit the Banana River Aquatic Preserve, 401 Ramp Road in Cocoa Beach. Rent a kayak and spend the day exploring the beauty of the Banana River and gliding through mangrove forests, perhaps even catching sight of a few of the manatees that make their home here.

Explore the Cocoa Beach Pier, shopping, dining, and maybe even dropping a line into the waters under the pier. You could spend a couple of days here and not see it all!

Day 5: Back to the Sea

In addition to getting in a little more beach time, it may be fun to take this 5th day to explore the waters that surround us in depth, starting with a dolphin tour. Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours has been in business for over 20 years, and they offer a variety of tours, charters, and even Rocket Launch Tours on the Banana River giving visitors a greater appreciation of the natural and supernatural land and sea scape of this most beautiful part of Florida.

If your visit happens to take place over Christmas, we suggest exploring the Cocoa Beach Holiday Lighted Boat Parade, but don’t feel left out if you are a summer visitor. Every tour offered, including the dolphin and wildlife tours, never fail to impress!

Finish off your day on the sea with a nice dinner in a circa 1905 Victorian house, the Mansion, located at 1218 E New Haven Avenue in Melbourne, featuring an expansive wine and cocktail menu and a delicious food menu filled with fun surprises.

Day 6: Your Last Day in Town

It is hard to believe that the week has flown by so fast, but day six has arrived, and it is your last full day in town. Many guests prefer to leave this day open for adventure, but if you are looking for something special to do in between breakfast at That Little Restaurant (1749 N Wickham Road in Melbourne) and your final wonderful night spent at the Beach Shack (1 Minutemen Causeway #2906 in Cocoa Beach) enjoying cold beers and hot music, we have a few ideas.

Souvenir shopping is a time-honored vacation tradition, and there are three historic areas on the Space Coast that are worthy of checking out, located in Titusville, Cocoa Village, and Melbourne. Shop, dine, and if you are in the right spot at the right time, enjoy the excitement of the free events that often take place in the historic districts.

The Brevard County Zoo (8225 N Wickham Road in Melbourne) is a non-profit zoo providing homes for over 900 animals of 195 different species, promising a family friendly adventure everyone will enjoy.

Your time on white sand beaches is winding down, and taking an afternoon to enjoy one last day of fun in the sun will never be regretted! This actually may be a great time to take some family pictures on the beach as well, posing against a backdrop of sea oats, with the sun setting over the sea. You will have lots of pictures of your unforgettable trip to Indian Harbour Beach, but none will have the meaning of this carefree pic, taken while smiling faces are tanned and relaxed. This family picture will definitely be frame-worthy!

Day 7: Must You Leave So Soon?

Your bags are packed, the last of the wine you purchased from Cocoa Beach Winery has been sipped, but there are still a few hours left to kill before you board your airplane back to reality, and although you are sad to go, chances are you will be so happy you chose Indian Harbour Beach and Stay In Cocoa Beach for your vacation adventures.

You’ve played hard and slept late every day, but if you leave Florida without witnessing at least one sunrise you will regret it forever. Get up early on day seven and head to the beach to find serenity, peace, and the most stunningly beautiful sunrise you have ever seen in your life. You can always sleep on the plane. If you are staying in one of our pet friendly escapes, Canova Beach is the only dog friendly beach in Melbourne, and provides the opportunity to help your pup get out all his excited wiggles before being confined to his kennel for the long flight home.

We know that airplane food is non-existent, so a visit to the Sunrise Diner for breakfast will make a perfect farewell. Located at 365 W Cocoa Beach Causeway and offering a menu filled with Southern comfort foods, your breakfast will hold you over in ways the bags of peanuts never can!

The last week has been the most exciting adventure of your life, and we know you have taken at least a million pics, so take these last quiet moments in paradise to peruse all the pics you have taken and take advantage of our high-speed internet to save data.

The Memories Will Last Forever

Obviously, this sample itinerary is not set in stone, it is simply filled with ideas that will keep everyone active and engaged, so feel free to pick and choose the activities you love most. Add in a hiking day at any of the parks in town, perhaps at Gleason Park, located at 1233 Yacht Club Boulevard, enjoying lush tropical foliage and waterfront views. Maybe you will choose an entire day to stay home and swim, soak in the hot tubs, explore the community our sanctuaries are located in, or maybe you will want to go out every night, visiting a different night spot and closing down the bars.

However you choose to spend your time in paradise, coming home every evening to the comfort, style, and luxury found in our Indian Harbour Beach vacation escapes will always be the highlight of your day. Reserve your favorite today!

As you begin your plans for a fabulous Cape Canaveral vacation on the Space Coast, you may think that by choosing towns in which Stay In Cocoa Beach offers properties will help narrow down your vacation destination, but to be perfectly honest, our properties are all over the area. Luxurious, comfortable, and designed to make travelers feel at home while away from home, every property will be your favorite, making the decision even more difficult. Today, however, we want to talk about the homes we offer in Cape Canaveral, a spot where the rockets red glare shines brightly many times throughout the year as another batch of excited astronauts burst out of our planet’s atmosphere and into the beauty of outer space.

Make Yourself at Home

Our Stay In Cocoa Beach Cape Canaveral rentals are located in some of the most beautiful condo communities in the region, offering a choice between 2- or 3-bedroom escapes and having room for as many as 8 guests to live together in peace and harmony. Featuring views that will speak to your heart, the sea shares its serenity with everyone residing within and can be seen from nearly every space rented. Light, bright, and filled with a warmth that comes not just from the Florida sun but from the smiles and excitement of all who have made these stunning sanctuaries their home sweet vacation homes, enjoying adventures that they treasure forever, and now, it is your turn to experience the wonder of a Cape Canaveral vacation!

Canaveral Towers

A stay in the Canaveral Towers condos promises an adventure that is both comfortable and exciting, providing access to community amenities that will enhance your stay, including putting greens, a heated pool, and shuffleboard courts to explore in your free time. Fun fact about shuffleboard: Until relative recently, it was the number one Florida game, and although lately pickleball seems to be edging it out, it is still a fun way to enjoy your downtime during your stay.

Our condos in Canaveral Towers range between 2- and 3-bedroom models, and it is the 3-bedroom models families of 8 or fewer will want to choose to make their own. Free parking is an amenity you don’t often find at resorts, but it is included with a stay in Canaveral Towers, and elevators ensure that each unit is accessible for the differently abled.

The patios and balconies that overlook the turquoise waters are destined to be the most popular spot in every unit we offer, providing a space for napping, dining, or just relaxing to the music made by the crash of waves on sandy beaches.

Reflections of Florida

Our Canaveral Towers units reflect the beauty of the Florida lifestyle, featuring spacious rooms with high ceilings, colorful art that reminds guests the sea is all around us, and comfortable furnishings that encourage impromptu naps and long nights of deep sleep and happy dreams. State-of-the-art televisions may be found not just in the cheerful living rooms, but in each of the bedrooms as well, aiding in the transition from wide awake to sound asleep.

Fully equipped kitchens allow guests to make the choice between dining out or in, and spacious baths with updated fixtures will help ensure that morning traffic jams will be less likely. Many of our units will offer beach gear, including umbrellas, chairs, and coolers, meaning you won’t have to lug all that across country to have a fantastic time on our white sand beaches.

Cape Winds

Stay In Cocoa Beach provides condos in many Cape Canaveral communities, and Cape Winds is another one of our favorites. (To be fair, we love all the communities and condos our properties are located in, so that may not help you narrow down your choices!) Cape Winds, however, may be your favorite, as in addition to providing a pool and sports courts, it’s bubbling hot tub will add romance and fun to your stay. Also featuring charcoal grills, elevators, and free parking, its sports courts are tennis and basketball. The pool is heated during the cooler months, extending swimming season to pretty much year-round.

Cape Winds condos are 2-bedroom ones, allowing a maximum of six guests in most, but a few accept no more than four. Some units will offer views of the sea, others may overlook the pool and other beautiful spots in the community. A playground with jungle gym and swings offers a great way to burn off some of your toddler’s excess energy.

All the Comforts of Home

Our Cape Winds sanctuaries are comfortable spaces, also filled with light and luxury, and providing state of the art televisions in bedrooms and the living rooms. Fully equipped kitchens generally offer blenders and coffee makers to ensure all your beverage needs are met, and like Canaveral Towers, most units provide a closet filled with beach gear to be utilized by guests during their days of frolicking on the beaches that are within walking distance.

Royal Mansions

We love community amenities, and Royal Mansions, the final community in our listing of Cape Canaveral sanctuaries, offers more to enjoy. Featuring a heated pool, hot tub, and an outdoor barbecue, guests will also appreciate the free parking, especially when comparing the costs most communities charge to park in their spots.

All the condos in Royal Mansions provide either 1- or 2-bedroom units with a maximum of four guests in the 1-bedroom models and six in the 2-bedroom ones. Ceiling fans in the living rooms will help keep you even cooler in the warmer summer months, and of course, air conditioning is included.

Sophisticated Townhome Living with a Carefree Vibe

With interiors that could grace the covers of Architectural Digest, our Royal Mansions sanctuaries still provide that laidback Florida vibe that many guests wish could be bottled up and sold for enjoyment back in their own hometowns. Views may be of the ocean or the community and yes, all dreams had in these sweet suites will be happy ones.

As with Canaveral Towers and Cape Winds, each unit provides beach gear, including body boards, umbrellas, chairs, and coolers and beach towels will be found in the linen closets. The location of many Royal Mansions escapes may provide views of the cruise ships that sail in and out of our harbors and also of any shuttle launches that may be occurring during your stay!

More to Fall in Love With

Because you can never have too many extras in your vacation escapes, all of our Cape Canaveral hideaways provide high-speed internet, soap, shampoo, and conditioner, and washer and dryers in most units. We know that travel can be stressful, so we guarantee that your stay will be peaceful, tranquil, and so restful, you will awaken every morning ready to face a new day of Florida adventures, perhaps even traveling to Kennedy Space Center for a day of looking to the stars.

Located close to all that makes this part of Florida wonderful, every day will be an adventure in excitement, magic, and beauty! Reserve your favorite Stay In Cocoa Beach escape and discover all the reasons people from all over the world flock to our doorstep.

Where are the Best Places to Stay in Cocoa Beach?

When you can’t wait to get out of town and enjoy some well-deserved time on the sand and under the sun, Cocoa Beach, Florida is a fantastic vacation destination to set your travel sights on. This inviting and exciting locale is loved by visitors from near and far who are looking for a place that pairs pristine scenery with options to explore and discovery something new at just about every turn! Whether you’re a traveler that takes time to dig their toes into the sand and watch the waves roll in, or you’re all about angling, golfing, or even dining and shopping your way through a stay, you’ll find something in Cocoa Beach that captures your imagination from the moment you arrive. Here, time can be spent leisurely working on a tan, or spent out experiencing mesmerizing afternoons on golf courses as well. From time on the water to time exploring surrounding communities, a visit to Cocoa Beach puts travelers in a prime place to see and enjoy the very best of it all. The following are a few of our prime locations to consider that each have something unique and wonderful to offer up during your next vacation!

These are the best places to stay while you’re in the Cocoa Beach area:

cocoa beach towers map infographic

Capture the Essence of a Florida Getaway in Cocoa Beach Towers

Reserving your place in Cocoa Beach Towers means making the most of a beachfront stay complete with access to a heated pool, tennis court and putting green to match! We recommend this location for those who value a tranquil and quiet retreat to enjoy that’s only steps from the Cocoa Beach Pier and offers spacious balconies for making most of the inspiring view at all times. This location is found at 220 Young Avenue.

chateau by the sea rentals map

Spend Time in Chateau by the Sea

When elegance, luxury, and impeccable style are just how you like your vacations, booking your stay in Chateau by the Sea promises to please. This beachfront locale is loved by those who look forward to spending ample time soaking up the sights from a welcoming vantage point on a spacious rooftop patio whenever they choose to. This community also has its own heated pool and invited guests traveling with up to two pets to enjoy a stay year-round. The many comprehensive amenities at Chateau by the Sea will have you feeling pampered from the moment you arrive. Just steps from the pier, this property is situated at 5300 Ocean Beach Boulevard.

cocoa beach club condos map infographic

Create Lifelong Memories at the Cocoa Beach Club

Are you the type of traveler that prefers a centrally located stay when you head to Cocoa Beach? Then booking your place at the Cocoa Beach Club is perfect for you. Found at 5200 Ocean Beach Boulevard, the Cocoa Beach Club is a fun for all place to call your Florida home away from home. This destination makes the most of beachfront views from nearly every unit while providing guests with access to a heated pool and putting green too. Traveling with pets? This stop allows for up to two without weight restrictions.

sandcastles condos cocoa beach map infographic

Savor a Stay in Sandcastles

When you’re headed to Cocoa Beach with the entire family and you know that everyone is going to want to be entertained at all times, Sandcastles is the place to book a stay. Found at 1000 N. Atlantic Avenue, this home away from home community sits on a spacious stretch of beach that keeps guests wonderfully close to downtown Cocoa Beach fun as well! When you’re not out exploring the vibrant downtown area, a stay here means you can enjoy time in the large heated pool or hot tub at will. Guests with a single pet in tow can make this their preferred stay in Cocoa Beach whenever travel plans bring them this way. Sandcastles also enjoys its own tennis court when a little friendly competition is on the itinerary.

spanish main condos map infographic

Make the Most of Your Adventure by Booking Spanish Main

If a quiet getaway within walking distance of downtown is more your vacation vibe, Spanish Main checks every box on the list. Situated at 25 Sunflower Street in Cocoa Beach, Spanish Main is a beautiful beachfront retreat complete with a heated pool to enjoy after a day of Cocoa Beach adventures. When cravings come calling, make the most of the communal charcoal grilling area and mix and mingle leisurely with fellow travelers.

Enjoy the Cocoa Beach Difference

Within the Cocoa Beach city limits, visitors will find they can access a long lineup of must-see attractions and activities. Cocoa Beach is home to no less than three oceanfront parks complete with picnic tables, showers, and restrooms for added convenience. Stops at any of these beach-focused destinations are always a treat for those who know they want to spend as much time as possible under the sun. In Cocoa Beach, visitors will have seamless access to 6 miles of beaches that hug the ocean and extend from one end of the city all the way to the other. This means that no matter where you roam in Cocoa Beach, there’s a beautiful stretch of shoreline just waiting be explored.

Cocoa Beach is equipped with a public tennis complex for those into outdoor recreation and competition as well as a state-of-the art skate park for those with plans to perfect their moves and balance while traveling this way. Cocoa Beach is a family friendly city thanks to its many children’s playgrounds as well as the spacious and fun public swimming pool to be enjoyed! Those who can’t imagine a getaway anywhere without time on the greens will find that golf course here is top tier year-round. An array of transportation options makes it easy to get around Cocoa Beach and when cravings come calling, this area has a reputation for flavor that’s found across a variety of eateries, bars, and cafes!

Cocoa Beach Offers Proximity to Surrounding Attractions Too!

From wildlife tours to chartered fishing options, the choices are seemingly endless when it comes to customized Cocoa Beach fun. Those who head this way in the name of vacation will even potentially have the chance to see a space launch depending on the calendar from a cozy spot on the beach. Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Launch Centers are mere miles to north of Cocoa Beach and when a launch is on the books, it’s something visitors won’t want to miss.  Hoping to incorporate some Disney magic into your stay? A trip to Cocoa Beach keeps you far from the crowds while offering up easy access to Orlando within 60 miles. Cocoa Beach is also within prime reach of major cruise hubs like Port Canaveral where it’s possible to book fun day activities like a cruise on a casino ship or a deep-sea fishing excursion!

Picking a Place to Stay That’s Right for You

When it comes to vacation rentals across Cocoa Beach, the team at Stay in Cocoa Beach is proud to provide just as many options as there are places to explore! With so many selections on the table to choose from, it may seem a bit overwhelming at first to figure out exactly where to stay when you head this way. Fortunately, it’s hard to go wrong when you travel here, and most visitors will find that picking a place that keeps you close to those activities you can’t wait to enjoy is a sure way to maximize your time and access to fun! The following are a few top destinations to consider booking close to in order to make sure your trip is a customized success from start to finish.

Making the Most of a Stay with Prime Beach Access

Whether you’re traveling to Cocoa Beach with the family, on a solo adventure or alongside friends, time at the beach is always a highlight of a trip this way. Fortunately, the City of Cocoa Beach is brimming over with beach access points and scenic parks to enjoy, giving travelers plenty of options when it comes to booking a vacation rental near their favorite stretch of shoreline! In total there are four beach parks to make the most of, all of which include picnic tables, showers to use after a swim, and additional amenities to make time here as enjoyable as possible. In tandem with these four primary beach parks, visitors to Cocoa Beach can find convenient parking options at no less than 40 sub-end streets. These are east of A1A and provide easy access to the Atlantic Ocean with a dune to cross over and metered parking selections.

The City of Cocoa Beach operates both Sidney Fisher Park and Alan Shepard Park. The Sidney Fisher Park is a beachfront stop that sprawls over 10 acres of land and is a family-friendly destination in every way. From the many playgrounds and soft sand to the picnic tables and ample parking options, it’s easy to linger here longer than you originally planned. The Alan Shepard Park is a bit smaller, but just as inviting hosting 5 acres of oceanfront space for visitors to enjoy. Parking here is even more accessible than at Sidney Fisher Park and those that head this way often do so to pair their time on the sand with time spent exploring the many nearby shops that are within walking distance of the beach. When planning ahead, be sure to note that parking at Sidney Fisher Park is $15 for recreational vehicles and cars alike.

The remaining two parks on the must-visit list are both operated by Brevard County and include Lori Wilson Park and Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park. The latter is a two-acre destination with oceanfront space to settle into as well as ample picnic areas and options to get into the water with ease. Lorie Wilson Park offers up a more spacious beachfront experience with 20 acres to explore as well as a full boardwalk and dog park for those visiting with canine companions in tow.

Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Rentals
No matter which beach park you decide to stay near, making sure you understand the beach rules attached makes for a more successful experience all around. All Cocoa Beach dunes play a vital role in the landscape being able to thrive as well as habitat formation. It’s law in Cocoa Beach to stay off of the dunes in this area. If you happen to be traveling with dogs to Cocoa Beach, you’ll want to consider which areas are dog friendly when picking where to book your stay. The area between 4th Street South and the north side of Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park is a dog-friendly location to be noted prior to traveling this way. A 10-foot leash is required at all times and dog beach hours are from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm. Many City of Cocoa Beach shorelines are home to turtle nests so you’ll want to be sure to be aware of those are and keep dogs far away. Nesting and hatching season in Florida runs from March 1st through October 31st.

Booking a vacation rental close to any one of these beach parks is a good idea for those who are excited to spend their getaway with a fishing pole in hand. Fishing from the beach, otherwise known as surfcasting, is a popular activity in this area year-round. There are a variety of species of fish that call the surrounding waters home, making for a lucrative angling experience whether you’re experienced in the sport or new to it altogether. Do be aware that residents and non-residents alike must have a license to surf fish in Florida. Once you have that license in hand, booking a stay just steps from the sand promises to make for an amazing and likely unforgettable Cocoa Beach getaway.

Stay Within Reach of a Great Aquatic Center

While many travelers that head to Cocoa Beach do so with every intention of spending time around and in the ocean, those who prefer to do their swimming elsewhere will find the Cocoa Beach Aquatic Center to be exactly the right place to be close to. Located at 4800 Tom Warriner Boulevard, this aquatic center is a great place for visitors of all ages, but particularly appealing to those traveling with little ones in tow. Booking a stay near the aquatic center give you options to pick and choose between beach days and swimming even if the weather doesn’t quite cooperate with your plans.  The aquatic center in Cocoa Beach hosts a 50-meter pool that’s heated in the winter and cooled in the summer for the ultimate comfortable swimming experience. There are multiple diving boards to try out as well as a jumbo water slide on-site. The water spray park is always a delight while the kids’ pool is perfect for those who are just dipping their toes in for the first time. This destination includes a bathhouse, playground, and open-air pavilion when you’re gathering with family and friends. Hoping to enjoy some friendly competition? Enjoy time on the outdoor volleyball court while you’re here!

Staying Near Great Golf Locations

When golf is your game and you can’t wait to hit the links, you may want to consider booking a vacation rental as close to the iconic Cocoa Beach Country Club as possible. This public facility is a welcoming an undeniably beautiful destination where it’s possible to work on both your long and short game while making the most of the scenery too. Both residents and guests are welcome at the Cocoa Beach Country Club for a round of golf. With three course options to choose from, even the decision to enjoy a round is an exciting one. The three options here include the Dolphin course, the Lakes course, and the River Course. These feature 27 holes as well as 41-50 sand bunkers incorporated into each course making for a fun challenge. In addition to the captivating courses, this country club is home to a pro shop, clubhouse, and driving range to enjoy. The pro shop is open daily from 7:00 am until dusk while the clubhouse closes at 6:00 pm. The driving range is open every day until 5:00 pm with the exception of Wednesdays when it closes at 4:30 pm for mowing. Those interested in booking a tee time can do so in advance of their Cocoa Beach arrival by calling 321-868-3351.

Luxurious Cape Canaveral Vacation Rentals
Many golfers consider these courses the best in the county thanks to the pristine detailing and lush surroundings. A stop here to golf puts you in a place that’s surrounded by the Banana River Lagoon. This terrain paired with seventeen lakes on the courses make for a prime habitat for incredible wildlife as well. Golfing here means you could get a glimpse of waterfowl, turtles, dolphins and maybe even an alligator! When your round of golf and wildlife viewing comes to an end, you can head over to The 19th Hole Restaurant and enjoy a snack, beverage or full meal upon request. Either way, it’s a savory way to top off the experience. Booking your vacation rental within reach of this golf course is a must for those who know they plan to pack their schedule with time on the greens.

Pick a Cocoa Beach Stay That Matches Your Personal Travel Style

At Stay in Cocoa Beach, we know that booking a stay near activities you enjoy can be a delight, but sometimes for our guests, it comes down to the vacation rental amenities instead! When this is the case, we have plenty of options to choose from that can be customized to personal taste, preference, and travel style with ease. No matter what you’re looking for, our many rental options are sure to delight. Whether you’re excited to spend some well-earned time alone, can’t wait to make it a romantic escape with the one you love most or are in town with a small or large group of fellow travelers, our collection of vacation rentals across Cocoa Beach are made to meet the moment flawlessly. Being able to pick and choose from destinations that make for a comfortable, convenience, and welcoming stay with luxurious upgrades included upon request is a sure way to make it a one-of-a-kind adventure in Cocoa Beach with every booking.

No matter what rental destination is selected, those who book with Stay in Cocoa Beach can rest assured that their accommodations will be a testament to quality, comfort, and style every time. The vast majority of our rentals within Cocoa Beach communities feature beautiful open floor plans that are further enhanced with large windows, tall ceilings, and coastal-inspired color palettes too. Most of our rentals put a firm focus on a spectacular waterfront view and upon request, guests can always book a stay that includes access to a private patio, deck, porch, balcony or even a combination if that’s what is preferred. When you book with Stay in Cocoa Beach, it’s simple to savor the view you’ve come to admire. Guests will also find that all of our rentals enjoy tasteful and stylish furnishings throughout that balance home-inspired comfort with those Florida-inspired design aspects that make for a memorable and undeniably comfortable stay. Whether you’re looking for a rental with a large bedroom with a walk-in closet and en suite bath, or require a stay complete with designer furnishings, we can help turn travel dreams into a reality. Across our portfolio of options, guests will find that our rentals are often equipped with full kitchens as well that make it easy to balance out nights of dining out with home-style meals enjoyed right in your home away from home! These consistent and upgraded qualities have our guests returning to us time and again when a Cocoa Beach stay is top of mind.

Book Your Cocoa Beach Getaway Today and Enjoy the Best Places to Stay in Cocoa Beach

Taking time to relax, unwind, and enjoy Cocoa Beach to the fullest is something travelers deserve to experience. At Stay in Cocoa Beach, we’re committed to helping all of our guests headed this way enjoy a customized stay from the moment they arrive. When you’re ready to turn those travel plans into a reality, our team is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about our many rental property options across Cocoa Beach that keep you close to the fun and ensure you’ll live your best vacation life in style. We can’t wait to see you in Florida soon!

Beautiful Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Condos