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Time speeds by whether we want it to or not, and right on schedule, the end of the year has arrived, and it is time to start looking forward to what the new year has in store for us. Could there be a promotion in your future, a new member of your family joining in, or could travel to places that stay warm in the darkest depths of winter be what makes 2024 great for you? We at Stay In Cocoa Beach believe the best way to manifest what you dream about is to spend New Year’s Eve doing it, and as such, we have created this guide to ringing in the new year in our tropical paradise!

Take a Moment to Breathe

There are a lot of parties and celebrations taking place on New Year’s Eve in the Cocoa Beach area and whether you are planning on attending them all or simply want to stay home in your holiday hideaway watching the ball drop over Times Square, the best way to start this last day of the year is by starting out early and making the day last as long as possible. Rise with the sun for an early morning walk on white sand beaches, watching the world come alive around you. Take these quiet moments to breathe, to contemplate the year ahead, and perhaps, to even start your list of resolutions, and then, once the sun has completed its morning journey, head back to your comfortable bed and grab at least a couple more hours of sleep. Today is going to be a long one and you can never be too rested!

Hoppin’ Johnnie for Good Luck

The final day of 2023 should be spent doing the things that feel good for your soul and although normally kitchen chores would not be a part of that, for many travelers, preparing a meal that should bring luck to the new year is a tradition they wouldn’t skip. Fortunately our fully equipped kitchens are cheerful spaces filled with light, cheer, and modern appliances that will make your annual preparation of Hoppin’ Johnnie a breeze to complete. Stop by the Publix to pick up the ingredients you need (black eyed peas, rice, and pork) and spend a happy hour or so working towards a future filled with luck and prosperity.

Toes in the Sand, Sun in Your Eyes

After the lucky meal has been prepared and tucked away in the refrigerator, waiting to be enjoyed on the first day of 2024, it is time for a little more toes in the sand time. The weather in Cocoa Beach in December encourages beach going, rarely dropping below 70 degrees, and as the ocean waves crash against sandy shores, the fine white granules of sand gather between your toes, and the sun shines down brightly overhead, you may find another nap is in store, this one refilling the coffers of your soul with peace, serenity, and joy.

Let the Parties Begin

Cocoa Beach on New Year’s Eve can be a crazy place to play and we are just going to list a few places below, to give you an idea of the fun you can have on this very last night of 2023.

New Year’s Eve in Cocoa Beach with Stay In Cocoa Beach

Not everyone wants to fight traffic and worry about designated drivers and if you choose to stay in on this beautiful night, you can expect to have the best night of the year! Dine on Hoppin’ John or just pick up a bunch of appetizers from Publix and savor the flavors of a bunch of different tastes. Watch the ball drop over Times Square on state-of-the-art televisions from the comfy coziness of our plush sofas. And raise a toast to 2024, sharing the moment with your favorite traveling companions. Reserve your favorite Stay In Cocoa Beach holiday haven today!