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The history of surfing dates back over 5000 years, referenced in cave carvings in Peru. When you plan a surf vacation on the Space Coast, you will be surfing through history. Cocoa Beach Pier is where the most legendary of surfing competitions have been held, drawing surfers from all over the world to its waves and if you are planning a surf vacation in our Florida hometown, Stay In Cocoa Beach offers the perfect surf sanctuaries that will help you recuperate from your salt water adventures. This guide to surfing in Cocoa Beach will offer a peek into making your surf dreams come true, while also providing a glimpse into your most comfortable adventures spent at home with us.

Fun Facts about Surfing

Surfing was once known as the sport of kings as only Hawaiian royalty was permitted to participate in it its charms, but today millions of people from all over the world take part. Fascinating and offering an anti-establishment vibe, even Agatha Christy, world famous writer, used to ride the waves, and surf movies are often the most popular ones to watch, with the 1991 movie Point Break, arguably being one of our nation’s favorites. And best of all, Cocoa Beach is often considered the surf capital of the East Coast as well as the small wave capital of the world, ensuring that your surf adventures are destined to be ones you will never forget.

Find Your Board

With such a long and enduring surf history you have to expect that there will be a plethora of spots where you can rent or purchase the equipment you need, and you would be right. The average surfer doesn’t want to lug their board across the miles and places like the Cocoa Beach Surf Company, 4001 N Atlantic Avenue, Flohana Surf, Skate, Swim, 200 N Atlantic Avenue, and the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, 4151 N Atlantic Avenue ensure that you don’t have to. Offering an expansive selection of surfing equipment for sale or rent and providing staff that can offer tips on where the best waves can be ridden, these shops are perfect for helping you begin your new obsession.

Learning the Ropes

Whether this is your first attempt at surfing or you are just looking for some refresher tips on the sport, just as there are plenty of surf shops in the area, visitors have an equally large selection of surf schools to choose from. Offering both private and group classes, Cocoa Beach Surf School (401 Meade Avenue), School of Surf (108 N Orlando Avenue), and Space Coast Surf (1400 N Atlantic Avenue), are all five-star reviewed schools, providing knowledgeable staff and that innate ability to spread the fever for one of the world’s most popular sports to their students.

Birthplace of a Champion

Cocoa Beach is the hometown of Kelly Slater, the surfer who is famous for having made the most money in one year of surfing ($3 million!), probably due to all the practice he got right here, hitting the most consistent waves in the state. In the fall months, hurricane swells make it an even more popular surfing area, but it is popular year-round due to the great weather we enjoy every month of the year. The most popular surfing spots include Lori Wilson Beach Park, offering smaller waves but less crowds, Picnic Tables located right across the street from Patrick Air Force Base, and the world famous Cocoa Beach Pier where the first Easter Surfing Festival was held back in 1964. Today, the festival is held in April at the Lori Wilson Beach Park, but the legends that have surfed at Cocoa Beach Pier over the years make it one of the most well-known surf spots in the nation.

Enjoy Surfing In Cocoa Beach

After you have ridden the last wave to the shores of Cocoa Beach, you can’t just grab the board and head on home, there are a few things you should do first, including taking care of your board by removing any old wax, washing and drying it, to ensure that it continues to ride the waves for years to come. But your well being is equally important, and after you dry your ears to keep from infections and stretch your muscles to keep from cramps, aches, or pains after your successful wave adventures. One other thing you may notice, however, is how hungry you are and the kitchens in your Stay In Cocoa Beach sanctuary will have everything you need to make a great meal. Relax in comfort and style, watching the sun set over the sea in our beachfront models and enjoying afternoon naps on rainy days. Reserve your favorite escape today!