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The long-awaited summer holidays are fast approaching and the excitement is already in the air. After spending the past holidays on solo vacations, now it is time for a family-oriented summer experience. Kids too deserve the best that summer has to offer. Kid-friendly outdoor adventures are never hard to come. Cocoa Beach summer camps for kids are the way to go for 2023. Considering Cocoa Beach for your family-oriented summer experience? Here are the five top kid-friendly summer camp ideas.

Surf Camp

Summer holidays are all about fun and Florida knows this best. Being a coastal destination, kids will be excited about the experience that awaits them out there in the sea. However, this is not your ordinary tour of the sea. Kids are here to learn about the basics of sea surfing and embrace the sport. Surfing is an exciting activity in itself and the best way for kids to learn is by enrolling in these Cocoa Beach summer camps. Some of the basics of a surfing camp include safety at sea, buoyancy, balancing, and important signals to follow among others. Such events not only introduce kids to nerve-jerking events of the sea but also train them how to be strong mentally. Most importantly, kids are out here to have fun and Cocoa Beach is one place that never disappoints.

Hike Camp

Just because your kids are out there in the sea doesn’t mean that there is no activity for them to explore away from the blue ocean waters. Cocoa Beach is an exciting hiking destination with multiple places available for you to explore. Such hike camps range from simple activities like strolling around the coastline to touring botanical gardens in the area. Such experiences help kids appreciate nature more and are a better way to explore Florida as a whole.

Space Camp

Space camp is another unique form of adventure that awaits you in Cocoa Beach. Even prominent space explorers like Elon Musk began somewhere and maybe this is what your kids have been waiting for. At the heart of this experience in Florida is Camp Kennedy Space Center where kids are launched to a galaxy of learning and fun. Here, kids are exposed to the latest technology that is being adopted in space. It is through such practical sessions that kids get the urge to pursue technical sciences with the view of becoming professional space explorers in the future.

Zoo Camp

Wildlife is a critical component of the earth’s ecosystem and the best way for kids to understand this is by booking a camp for them. Such sessions allow them to have an up-close interaction with wildlife which in the process kick-starts their conservation journey. Here, kids learn about the best ways to handle wildlife and whom to contact in cases of emergency. Also, it exposes kids to different varieties of endangered species. Zoo camps also help raise awareness of the importance of maintaining forest covers as they were originally. It is here that wildlife find their natural habitat and it will only make sense to conserve them.

Art Camp

The final and most important camping adventure for kids to explore is art. Unlike the previous forms which are more about conservation, art is all about fun. Art knows no boundaries. It is instead a structural representation of one’s mind and the ideas they harbor. Such camping experiences help kids learn from one another with specific skills such as drawing, painting, and sculpting being at the forefront. Today’s world appreciates art and besides your kids being here for fun, they may also end up with a high-income skill that will help them in the future.

Friendly Holiday Rentals for Camping Families

Camping in Cocoa Beach doesn’t necessarily mean pitching tents out there in the open space. It is more about spending a considerable amount of time pursuing a fun-filled activity. While at it, you will need family-friendly vacation homes in the area. Cocoa Beach is home to multiple holiday rentals all furnished with state-of-the-art features. From their gourmet kitchen designs to the beautiful out-of-the-window views, you are in for an exciting stay in Florida. These rentals are also fitted with high-speed internet connection that will keep your kids entertained throughout the camping period. Most of these properties sit strategically close to the sea with multiple beachfront restaurants in the periphery. Whether it is that lobster sandwich you crave or a glass of wine, all are within walking distance.

Book Your Cocoa Beach Holiday Homes

Looking for neat houses to host your family in Florida this summer? Our team at Stay in Cocoa Beach has an exciting list of property selections that will make good homes for your vacation. Our holiday rentals adopt CDC-approved cleaning practices to keep you and your family safe. Our properties also feature high-end features including outdoor pools and exclusive access to the beach. Contact us today for more information.

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