Traveling over the holidays is a time-honored tradition, as we head off to visit family members that may live in different areas or dip out of family responsibilities in your own hometown, and even though Easter isn’t normally considered a regular traveling holiday, the weather in Cocoa Beach makes it essential that you do. For those who live in colder climates, you may be used to winter storming back in long after spring has sprung, stomping its feet like a sulky toddler, but in Cocoa Beach, spring, and the Easter holiday offer the perfect time to escape the madness back home. This guide to the top ways to celebrate Easter in Cocoa Beach while staying in our holiday hideaways will help you fill every minute with fun, excitement, and of course, more than a few beachy adventures.

The Breathtaking Beauty of the Sun Rising Over the Sea

You may be used to waking up for sunrise services on Easter morning, and even if you aren’t planning on a church visit during your holiday in Cocoa Beach, watching the sun rise over the sea will make you believe there is a heaven. Stand in awe of the quiet of the night, punctuated by the splashing of the waves, the feel of sand between your toes and cool waters washing over your feet, and the colors that set the sky on fire as the world comes to life all around you. Sunrises can be witnessed every day, but a sunrise on the beach may be the dream you have always aspired to and will be that much more special because you are enjoying it here in Cocoa Beach on the most serene holiday of the year.


Family walking together on pier at cocoa beach


Easter Brunch

As with most holidays, a feast is often at the center of the celebration, but Easter’s meal is different, usually taking the form of brunch. Our Stay In Cocoa Beach holiday hideaways offer fully equipped kitchens in which meal prep can be a fun and joyful experience, but if the thought of doing work on vacation does not thrill, the following restaurants have been known to offer Easter Brunches that will be the highlight of your vacation experience.

• Backwater, 1904 Municipal Lane in Melbourne

Offering a Southern inspired menu filled with a variety of benedicts, Backwater’s make your own pancake griddle tables still involve a little work on your part, but with the delicious results, we don’t think you will mind.

• Muddie’s Diner, 1637 N Cocoa Boulevard in Cocoa

Although their Easter menu may be no different than their standard menu, this is the place you go when you want good home cooking. The menu is the star of the show at Muddie’s Diner offering the breakfast dishes you love the most, including omelets, biscuits and gravy, and Muddie’s deluxe breakfast consisting of eggs, biscuits and gravy, your choice of meat, your choice of potato, and two small pancakes, ensuring that you will start out the Easter holiday well fed.

• Flavor Kitchen and Wine Bar, 15 N Orlando Avenue in Cocoa Beach

The Brunch Menu at Flavor Kitchen and Wine Bar offers an elevated dining experience, including such delicacies on its menu as Braised Short Ribs of Beef Omelet and Green Eggs and Ham. (herbs make the eggs green).

But What About the Egg Hunts?

If you are traveling with children, their first concern upon learning you were traveling over Easter was probably all about the Easter Bunny and the Easter egg hunts that are an integral part of this holiday. Fortunately, the Easter Fest and Egg Hunt offered by the First Methodist Church of Cocoa Beach will ensure that the egg hunt will go on. Offering lunch, an egg hunt, and photo opps with the Easter Bunny allowing the littles to enjoy the Easter experience to the fullest. Of course, our Stay In Cocoa Beach holiday havens allow parents and kiddos to boil, dye, hide, and find eggs that the surrogate Bunny (Yes, that would be you!) has left behind.

Eggs being dyed for easter

Don’t Forget the Candy

Easter baskets are required by law (or should be, according to our kiddos) and a visit to the Sugar Planet will ensure that your children’s baskets will be well stocked, much to their relief. Located at 5240 N Atlantic Avenue #120 in Cocoa Beach, if you can think of a candy, we are pretty sure this sweet spot will offer it!

Easter Excitement with Stay In Cocoa Beach

Your Easter adventures will be that much more exciting when you spend this holiday with us in Cocoa Beach. Offering luxurious kitchens that will bring you joy if you decide to make Easter brunch at home, state of the art televisions on which you can watch or stream your favorite holiday shows, and serene and tranquil bedrooms where the littles will dream happy dreams of the Easter Bunny, every moment will be your favorite when you choose Stay In Cocoa Beach. Reserve your favorite holiday haven today!