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Best Times to Visit Cocoa Beach

Travelers looking to enjoy a getaway with plenty of sand, sun, and surf at their disposal will find it year-round in Cocoa Beach, Florida. While this vacation destination is a wonderful place to visit any time you want to make the most of a great vacation, having a heads up on some of the weather and tourism trends can help you better plan your adventure for the next time you visit Cocoa Beach.

Year-Round Expectations

Cocoa Beach, Florida is a city that hosts a humid, subtropical climate. While the average maximum temperature here lingers around 79 degrees Fahrenheit, in the summertime, this number can reach up to around 86 degrees. Annual rainfall totals across Cocoa Beach average around 44 inches, with August being the rainiest season on the calendar and January the driest.

Tourism Trends

One of the busiest months in Cocoa Beach, Florida is March thanks to Spring Break and warm temperatures. This is followed by high visitor numbers in July and February as well. During this timeframe, accommodation costs in the area are typically increased as well as prices for excursions and tours. That said, the energy here is vibrant and fun, making for amazing vacation memories! Slower seasons for travel to Cocoa Beach include October and November. These are ideal times for visiting Cocoa Beach, Florida for those who are looking for a more tranquil setting and reduced hospitality rates.


If you head this way between March and May, a big Spring Break travel time of year, you can expect bigger crowds but plenty of opportunities to get in the water as humidity is on the rise.


These are the warmest months of the year by far, so if you’re someone who has a passion for the sun and time on the water, it could be exactly the right moment for visiting Cocoa Beach, Florida.


Temperatures this time of year are milder, and crowds have slightly thinned out. It’s a great chance to enjoy reduced rates across the board, make the most of the outdoors without so many others to contend with for activities, tours, and attractions.


Things pick back up tourism-wise in Cocoa Beach with the arrival of winter, as those who are looking to escape the snow and cold flock in this direction. Traveling to Cocoa Beach within this timeframe is a great opportunity to make the most of sunny holiday fun with family and friends!

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