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The towns and communities that make up the Cocoa Beach area aren’t just charming and idyllic; they also are locations in which you can find more of our luxurious Stay In Cocoa Beach vacation sanctuaries. Offering everything you expect from one of our homes and a vacation experience that will never let you down, today we want to spend some time discussing our 3-bedroom Indian Harbour Beach escapes. This guide to their charms, amenities, and the way these larger vacation rentals in Indian Harbour Beach, FL always manage to become an integral part of your vacation experience may make choosing a place to stay during your Florida vacation just a little more difficult, but that’s ok because you know you can’t make a bad choice when the home comes from Stay In Cocoa Beach!

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The More the Merrier

Offering three spacious bedrooms and room for up to 8 people to coexist in peace and harmony, your Indian Harbour Beach vacation is destined to be one that creates the most magical of memories. Spend your days frolicking on white sand beaches with your favorite group of people and come home every day to rest in comfort and style in spaces that reflect the laid-back vibe and casual appeal of beach life. Filled with light, every room offers something that makes it stand out; state of the art televisions facing comfy couches in the living rooms, modern appliances and spacious breakfast bars in fully equipped kitchens, and dining rooms that invite guests to utilize them in all the ways you would at home. Offering enough seats for every seat in your traveling party, this room, generally open to the rest of the public spaces, is where meals will be devoured, games will be played, and that first cup of coffee in the early morning hours will be greatly enjoyed!

Comfort Comes First

Not all vacation property companies have got the message that comfort is key, and if you have ever stayed in a home where the sofa is hard and uncomfortable, the beds are lumpy and topped with scratchy linens, and seating options make your own seat numb, you will definitely appreciate the comforts of our 3-bedroom models. Sofas so plush that impromptu naps become the star of your lazy Tuesday afternoons, premium beds topped with soft linens provide a night’s sleep so luxurious that you wake up every morning of your stay feeling refreshed and renewed, and seating inside and out that invite occupants to sink into their depths and relax longer than originally planned, are just some of the comforts you can expect from your time with us.

Modern Conveniences Matter

It is no longer fashionable to cram everyone in your family into one room, paying extra for internet access and watching a television from the 80s with the remote chained to the nightstand next to the bed. Our Indian Harbour Beach 3-bedroom getaways provide the modern amenities you crave, including high-speed internet, multiple televisions spread throughout the house, and updated washers and dryers. We know you are going to spend some of your vacation time hitting the shops in Indian Harbour, bringing home souvenirs, gifts, and memories that will help fill the empty minutes after vacation has ended, and having a lightly packed suitcase will help you avoid any last minute fees for overweight bags on your return flight home. Travel can be expensive, and our modern appliances will give you a way to save a few dollars as well as enjoy more quiet family time “at home.”

The Family That Plays Together

We hope that you take a few hours out of your fabulous Florida getaway to stay in and explore all the ways you can have fun with your family in our sweet hideaways. Large yards may provide private pools or the community in which the home is located may offer an expansive resort-style pool. Hot tubs bring fantastic moments with your favorite traveling companion and as you submerge yourself in their bubbling depths, perhaps on a chilly winter night, watching the steam disappear into the night sky, you will be creating memories that will speak to your soul. Some homes may offer views of the water, others may provide fire pits where ghost stories are told and marshmallows are roasted. Barbecue grills and patio tables with colorful umbrellas shading you from the sun encourage family barbecues and give guests the opportunity to take away some of the cooking responsibilities for the chef of the day. Community amenities such as game rooms and walking paths will possibly have you wondering if leaving the boundaries of the property is really all that important anyway.

All the Details

There’s more details involved in making you feel comfortable in our vacation homes, and although we attend to all of them, sometimes their descriptions do not make it to our pages, ensuring you will receive quite a pleasant surprise upon your arrival. For example, the beaches of Indian Harbour are where you will spend a good deal of your time, but have you ever given any thought to the gear you might need while enjoying your toes in the sand time? Beach towels will do just fine in a pinch, and our closets will offer a selection, but it is so much more comfortable sitting in chairs shaded by umbrellas, and what about snacks and beverages? Coolers, chairs, umbrellas, and even body boards may be found in the closets of our 3-bedroom homes, ensuring that you are also comfortable while frolicking in the surf! Kitchens will be equipped with everything from wine corkscrews to blenders, bookshelves and cabinets may offer books, games, and movies, and remotes will never be chained to the nightstands!

Have We Forgotten Anything?

The magic of Florida will burrow its way into your heart and as you live out magical adventures in Indian Harbour Beach, coming home to the homes that provide comfort and relaxation will always stay fresh in your mind. Rising with the sun for a walk along sandy shores will add an enchanting serenity to your stay, gathering around large dining room tables playing Monopoly will bring you and your family closer together, and raising a toast to that fiery Florida sunset will bring you peace. You could do any of these things in any home in Indian Beach, but when you choose our Stay In Cocoa Beach escapes, you will feel as if you are a part of our extended family. Our job isn’t complete until you and your traveling companions feel welcome and spoiled, and if somehow something is off, please let us know so we can remedy the situation! And if YOU have forgotten something—your favorite blow dryer, shampoo, even body lotion—there’s no need to add to the expense of your vacation. Our spacious and spa-like baths include more than deep soaking tubs and high-water pressure shower heads, we have also equipped them with the basic necessities, including hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, and body lotion.

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Exploring the comfortable side of Florida will be luxurious as well, simply because you chose Stay In Cocoa Beach. Reach out to us and reserve your favorite vacation rental today! Be sure to ask about our Indian Harbour 5-bedroom vacation rentals as well!