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Is a beach vacation really considered a beach vacation without ocean views accompanying your proximity to the sandy shores? Yes, being close to the beach could be considered close enough, but when you really want to experience the healing properties of a little salt air therapy and want the lullaby that leads you into the deepest sleep stages to be the music of waves crashing against sandy beaches, our Stay In Cocoa Beach Indian Harbour ocean view rentals will soothe your soul and show you a new way of seeing the world! Every day is an adventure of the most serene sort in these special properties, offering relaxation, fun, and of course, views that will burrow their way into your heart, and this guide to everything that makes these homes shine bright in a “sea” of vacation rentals will have you wishing you could instantly teleport yourself to their comfortable rooms!

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Toes in the Sand

The beaches of Indian Harbour Beach, FL offer a special kind of magic, and although there is a lot more to our Indian Harbour vacation homes that offer views of those beaches, we think the moments you spend looking, playing, or simply sitting with your toes in the sand will be the moments you remember forever! From the outside, these beautiful spaces could feel right at home on the Mediterranean, offering grace and charm with their colorful stucco exteriors and tiled roofs, but once you step inside, there will be no doubt in your mind that you have reached your all-American Florida destination. Slip out of your comfortable walking shoes that you have spent far too many hours wearing as you traveled across the nation and let your bare feet feel the coolness of the tile floors that create a smooth path to rooms filled with treasures you can’t wait to discover!

The living rooms, large, bright, and welcoming, may offer hints, even before you open the curtains to reveal the seascape just beyond, that you are at the beach, showing off the sea with colorful paintings of beaches, boats, and fish peering down on you from the walls. Plush sofas invite guests to sink into their comfy depths, grab the remote that is lying on the table just inches from their fingertips, and start perusing the shows that appear on state-of-the-art televisions mounted to the walls (or seated on cabinets) opposite your comfy spot. Of course, you won’t stay here like this for long, even if you happen to catch sight of your favorite team playing on the large screen, because there is so much more of the space to explore, including what lies behind the curtain!

Go ahead, throw open the curtain, slide open the glass doors, and take your first of many soul breaks on balconies that hang above the turquoise waters of Indian Harbour Beach. Pull up a chair or simply stand over the balcony, taking in the sights below you and feeling the salt breezes cool your cheeks and tousle your hair, knowing in your heart you have never felt this relaxed this fast!

We know that you could stand out here forever, but there is more to see, so leave the doors open and head back inside to the dining spaces that will be where meals are shared with family, games will be played late into the night, and quiet conversations will be held in the still hours after the kids have gone off to dreamland. The kitchens, always fully equipped with updated appliances and everything you need to create a meal, brew a pot of coffee, or keep your wine and beer perfectly chilled, may be your favorite room inside your ocean view escape, or it could simply be a space that keeps you caffeinated and chill. You’re on vacation, and if you don’t want to cook, there is certainly not going to be a single soul at Stay at Cocoa Beach who will judge you for feeling this way! Cook, bake, or sit at barstools with a muffin and a cup of joe and enjoy every second of your vacation in paradise.

Amenities in Our Indian Harbour Ocean View Rentals That Enhance Your Stay

To be perfectly honest, if all we provided was comfortable furnishings and the view of the ocean, most guests would still consider their Indian Harbour Beach vacation one that tops all others, but if you know us at all, you know we are not content unless we are wowing all who stay within our properties! Community amenities can extend the carefree days of summer throughout the year with heated swimming pools, and chilly (but not too chilly) nights may offer romance and warmth with a dip in a community hot tub! Grilling up the catch of the day after a fishing expedition can be accomplished on community grills, and if you have never played a game of shuffleboard before, your Cocoa Beach getaway may be the perfect time to remedy that lack of experience!

In our Indian Harbour Beach, FL properties, chances are you will find closets in which beach chairs, umbrellas, and wagons are hiding, waiting for you to release them from the dark for an adventurous day on the beach. And because you are this close to the sandy shores, you can wake up at sunrise every morning of your stay, standing in quiet disbelief as you watch the magic in the skies and then head back to bed for a couple more hours of blissful sleep! For those who believe that sunrise is a hoax generated upon the world by early risers, the kaleidoscope of fiery colors in the sky at sunset will ensure that you don’t feel like you have missed out on anything important by preferring to snuggle deeper into the silky linens that top your bed.

Sweet Dreams to All

When the sun falls into the sea and the moon casts its ethereal glow over the sea, sand, and the balcony where you will spend many happy hours of your Florida vacation, the second biggest luxury of all will be yours when you climb into our cloud-soft beds, ready to dream about mermaids, sandcastles, and the colorful fish that may have nibbled at your toes during your evening walk along shore’s edge. We are, of course, talking about the deep sleep you will experience, tired out after a day of fun in the sun. Premium beds, state-of-the-art televisions, and private entrances to the balconies are just some of the reasons nightmares are firmly forbidden in Indian Harbour Beach. Waking up each morning feeling refreshed and recharged is yet another amenity that we offer, understanding the importance of the relation between a good night’s sleep and a happy and relaxing vacation! You may not recognize the feeling of being well rested at first—good sleep is so hard to find in our busy lives—but once you do, you may start to wish you could just move in forever, just to enjoy that feeling every day of the rest of your life. Reach out to us and reserve your favorite Stay In Cocoa Beach Indian Harbour sanctuary with an ocean view today!