As the pages of the calendar flip by at a stunning speed, our favorite season of all is about to make its first glorious appearance. Fall, a season of fiery colors and crisp cold mornings does not present itself in Cocoa Beach as it does in colder climates but if your fall journey has you heading this way, you will soon discover why we love it so much. The days are still warm enough to enjoy a day at the beach and the nights are pleasantly cool, encouraging visitors to extend the moments spent on the balconies and patios of our Stay in Cocoa Beach seasonal sanctuaries. Watching the sun set over the sea, lighting up the sky with a kaleidoscope of colors is an experience you will never forget (We have been known to stop in our tracks and applaud the beauty of a Florida sunset) and as you relax a little longer, sip a little more, savoring the simple beauty of a fall night in Cocoa Beach, you may discover that this is the only way you want to spend every fall vacation! This guide to why fall is the perfect time to vacation in Cocoa Beach.  

Why The Fall is the Perfect Time to Vacation in Cocoa Beach

White sand beaches and turquoise waters are what draw visitors from all over the world and although the change of season provides no exception to this rule, the crowds tend to lessen as people return to real life. Summer vacations end, schools start again, and for most of the world, people fall back into their regular routines, which means when you travel to Cocoa Beach, you won’t have to fight the crowds. Stake your claim on a section of the sandy shores and spend a day frolicking in the surf, building sandcastles with your tiniest travelers, or simply walking along the water’s edge, letting the salt air and sea breezes soothe your soul. With temperatures that range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s, your beach days will be idyllic ones! 

Learn a New Sport

Cocoa Beach is known as the Surfing Capital of the East Coast and fall is actually one of the best seasons to dip your toes into the surfing scene! Book a lesson or two with Cocoa Beach Surf School (321-410-7243) and learn how to hang ten with the best of them or simply enjoy watching others from your perch on Cocoa Beach Pier. Our Chateau by the Sea condos recently had a camera installed in partnership with Surfline, allowing guests to watch live footage of the surf and the beach that will be the highlight of your stay. 

Walk on the Wild Side

Cocoa Beach offers more than just beaches and sunsets, we are also home to a diverse population of wildlife, and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, located at 1987 Scrub Jay Way #32782 in nearby Titusville offers our favorite way of enjoying a beautiful fall day. Offering over 140,000 acres that serve as home to migratory birds, dolphins, alligators, manatees, and 1500-plus plant species and animals, the walking trails and roads that lead through the refuge will bring natural adventures you will wish never had to end.  

Water Adventures

The beautiful weather we experience in the fall will encourage you to get outside and play as often as possible as you explore the Banana River aboard Kayaks or paddleboards that can be rented at most outdoor stores, including Cocoa Kayaking, 5000 Tom Warriner Boulevard, the beauty of nature will be yours. Be sure to take plenty of photo breaks and return home with a huge array of frame-worthy pics that will help keep your memories of this fall vacation alive! Fishing is another traditional fall activity, especially in the late fall when the Kingfish, sailfish, and Wahoo are biting! Bring home a trophy fish or make your catch of the day the meal du jour when you charter a deep-sea fishing expedition; Fin & Fly Fishing Charters are just one of many charter companies available in Cocoa Beach. 

The Space Race was Won Here

Kennedy Space Center is located on Merritt Island and is definitely a fall adventure you will kick yourself for missing if you don’t schedule a visit on your itinerary, but even if you don’t go to the Space Center, you may have the opportunity to witness a launch right from the balcony of your Stay in Cocoa Beach space race sanctuary! The ideal weather conditions of the season make this time of year the best time to explore the universe and you will have a ringside seat to the show! 

Epicurean Adventures and Shopping Expeditions

Every dinner will be your favorite as you indulge in epicurean adventures of all nationalities but be sure to experience the fresh sweet taste of local seafood found at Pier 62 Oceanfront Restaurant & Bar enjoying a meal you will never forget. Shopping at cozy boutiques (there are no wrong choices in this venture!) will help you bring home mementos of your fall getaway to Cocoa Beach, again, keeping the memories alive just as the pictures you take! 

Come Home to Stay in Cocoa Beach

Coming home to the luxuries, comforts, and beauty of our Stay in Cocoa Beach seasonal sanctuary will be the highlight of days filled with beautiful adventures and exciting experiences! Contact us to reserve your favorite today! Be sure to ask about Indian Harbour ocean view rentals as well!